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If you never thought you’d see a car that can drive itself, you’re not alone. When Bill Rimmer put his mother into a self-driving Tesla car, she completely freaked out, worse than a first time driver.

“Agh! Agh! Oooh! Where’s it going? God damn, Bill!” she exclaimed while Bill was heard giggling in the background.

As soon as he activated the autopilot on his new electric-powered Tesla Model S, she screamed, “This is so scary! Oh Jesus, this is my first day out and I am about the die!”

The Tesla Model S which is expected to reach Australia late July, is apparently faster than an airplane and can steer itself without the help from the human at the wheel. Unfortunately, a car that can drive itself is not exactly what grandma is after, Bill.

“It’s scary!” she screamed with her arms up. “Oh, there’s cars coming!”

Although, she might love the new feature where the car can not only parallel park itself but also look for a parking spot. When driving at low speeds around cities, a “P” will appear on the panel as it detects a parking spot and then ‘Autopark’ takes over the wheels.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out…

Is it a good idea to have self-driving cars on the road? Would you like to drive a self-drive car?

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