Enjoy the beautiful voice of Andrea Bocelli with fireworks like you’ve never seen them before 17



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If you missed the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, kick back and enjoy the sights and sounds of this staggeringly beautiful footage of a drone flying through a pyrotechnics display in Florida.

Accompanying the breathtaking display is Andrea Bocelli singing Con te Partiro, or, “Time to say Goodbye”.


Did you enjoy this unusual view of fireworks? Did you catch a similar display on New Year’s Eve?


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  1. Beautiful! have his CD with this one of my favourite songs on it,which he sings it in both Italian & English..

  2. If you really like Andrea Bocelli and have a smartTV, go to Youtube. There are some great concerts including one in 2012 at Portofino. If you don’t have a smarttv just connect you PC using a micro HDMI cable.

  3. Want to see fireworks go to Patong beach New Year’s Eve start about 9 pm go ballistic 12 onwards non stop

  4. Love this song. I went to an Italian funeral where this song was played at the very end. Very heartbreaking. I love him singing this with Sarah Brightman.

  5. Forget the fireworks – that beautiful voice of Andrea Bocelli is one of the very things that will bring tears to my eyes. Why are my cheeks wet?

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