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In some fantastic news this morning, it has been announced that Sir Elton John has married his partner of over two decades, David Furnish.

In a star-studded ceremony held at their Windsor estate in England, the couple tied the knot in style. Among the guests were their family, friends, celebrities and their two sons Zachary and Elijah.


Dozens of photos of the wedding were shared around the world via Instagram with the hashtag ‘sharethelove’, including photos of the signing of the documents, and the moment they said their vows.

The two grooms look dapper in matching dark suits and you can see in the photos that they were just delighted to be officially married. It was nine years to the day since they had entered a civil partnership – same sex marriage has only been legal in England since March this year.


The couple have been together since meeting in 1993 at a dinner party and Elton said that they fell in love very quickly. They keep the romance alive by sending cards to each other no matter where they are in the world to say how much they love each other.


Among the guests were singer Lulu, actor Hugh Grant and his ex Liz Hurley, comedian Jimmy Carr, as well as the Beckham family. They enjoyed a lavish menu of beef short ribs with caramelised onion pie and a simple chocolate pudding with ice cream for dessert.

Congratulations Elton and David!


What do you think of Elton John’s wedding? Are you happy for him? What are your thoughts on same sex marriage? Tell us below.

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  1. Good for them. I wish them much happiness and love for the rest of their natural lives. Sending extra hugs for their children.

  2. so nowthose little boys have a mum and dad…thats is just great-who is the mum…it is so not natural

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    • Better to have 2 loving Dads than being in a loveless family.

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      • About time what a great family they are . Hope this happens in Australia ASAP . And if you are wondering I love men

    • Nancy whether it’s natural or not, if they are happy and good loving parents that’s all that matters.
      Best wishes to them.
      We all need to accept what we might perceive as different to the norm.

    • Nancy, it may have escaped you that they are not following hetero patterns. They can both be nurturing without playing ‘mum and dad’. And same-sex attraction is natural to a percentage of every population around the world

    • Why can’t people like you just accept that some people are different to them? If they have found true love, that’s wonderful. It’s a rare commodity these days!

    • Homophobia is such a negative reaction, Nancy Evans. Better two loving dads than a heterosexual relationship where one or both parents abuse their children, be it emotionally or physically or sexually. Please be a little more tolerant instead of being bigoted and biased.

    • “In fact it is and always has been 100% natural,even in the animal world,it is just societies ignorance and need to ‘victimise’ others that started the ‘it’s not natural’ and was grabbed onto by religions and used as a weapon against others,strange considering True history proving many Popes and High Profile People from other denominations had young sex partners,let alone the Child Rapists and Murders over time proven by our ongoing Federal Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse of which I am a Survivor,The High Profile Celebrity Child Rapists Publically Named are all ‘STRAIGHT’ and most MARRIED with Children,NO GAYS as they love each other ADULTS not ATTACK INNOCENT DEFENCELESS CHILDREN for their own SEXUAL GRATIFICATION and POWER and love their children exactly as I do with true depth and protection,I am straight but God help anyone who thought they had the right to judge any of my children-grandchildren and descendants for naturally being BORN GAY!”

    • Louise, does this mean that all the adopted children in the world aren’t loved and nurtured because their parents [whatever gender] so not have the same blood as them?

    • Louise, Elton and his husband have gone on record stating that the surrogate mothers egg was fertilised with both there sperm. So the babies do have there dads blood running in there veins. Just not which one is the DNA father. I’m very happy that they can get married. Congratulations to them.

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