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The man who was charged and committed of involuntary manslaughter over Michael Jackson’s death as spoken publicly about the singer and shared some shocking and saddening details about his childhood.

Murray appeared on Sunrise this weekend, where he claimed Michael told him his father had given him hormone injections when he was 13 years old to stop his voice from breaking.

He said Michael struggled to reach the hight notes in many of his earlier songs as he hit puberty and his father apparently took matters into his own hands.

He said Michael felt as though he had been “chemically castrated” by his father.

“Those were Michael’s words, that he had been chemically castrated… that was a hard pill to swallow and hard to live with,” he said.

It is understood it was a very traumatic time in Michael’s life and caused him to have issues later in life.

While many people were shocked by the claims, some are wondering – should Murray even be talking about Michael in the first place?

He is the man who was found to be responsible for Michael’s death and was sentenced to four years in prison for his crime.

Now that he is out, he has written a book titled ‘This Is It!: The Secret lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson’, which he is currently promoting.

Many are accusing him of taking advantage of a horrible situation and capitalising on Michael’s death and his crime.

Others though have jumped to his defence, saying he is just trying to get his life back on track and should be able to make money however he likes.

What do you think?

Is it inappropriate for Conrad Murray to make money out of Michael Jackson’s death? Or is it ok for him to try to make a living anyway possible?

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  1. No he should not be allowed as he was the cause of his death he made lots of money through him then so he should not make any now

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    • No he caused his death omg are world is so messed up

    • Michael Jackson is dead regardless of what happened he is dead now and it’s not good to speak ill of the dead even if it’s talking about hitler in my opinion cause the person is dead which means they no longer exist.

  2. No he should not be allowed as he was the cause of his death he made lots of money through him then so he should not make any now

  3. He should be able to have a say

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    • Say about what? if that I the case, then let the man who killed John Lennon talk. NOT. Michael is no here to defend himself and anyone can say what they want to including false info. This stupid knows it and trying to make money off of false info.

  4. Michael Jackson is dead. Can’t the man have some kind of peace?! He is dead!! Let him be! Conrad Murray is so wrong on so many levels for doing this.

  5. The less the world knows about who this guy really was the better off they’ll be. There’s a big difference between a celebrity’s public persona/image used for profiteering and their true private person. The public never has been able to separate or discern between the two and never will. Better to let them live in a fantasy world than have to deal with the cold hard truth.

  6. there is no way to prove his words
    too bad,he can say anything without responsible

  7. Let him RIP Dr Conrad is a real piece of crap with any luck his day will come his family has suffered enough

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  8. [email protected]

    Consider the source – a convicted murderer, now without a license to practice his immoral and money-hungry kind of medicine, a man who knows very well that anything with Michael Jackson’s name on it will translate into dollars for him. Trouble is, he subscribes to the “more sensational the better” school of fiction writing. The man lies through his teeth. The judge at his trial gave him a good lecture on his callous behavior and his worship of money was made clear by his recording Michael Jackson while the man was being poisoned by Propofol overdoses. Murray wants to be rich and famous and he will accomplish this anyway he can, and lying about someone who can’t defend himself is just sick. The world already knows what a talented, intelligent and generous man Jackson was. Do some fact-checking, many of his allegations have been proven false already and Jackson’s life was thoroughly vetted in a ridiculous trial in 2005.

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