David Hasselhoff rocks a youthful cool look at Coachella festival 38



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David Hasselhoff is a worldwide celebrity and he doesn’t want anyone to forget it! He looked every bit the part when he rocked up to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California over the weekend.

The very cool 62-year-old had his younger partner on his arm and wore a great outfit that showed off his fun side.

David was seen around the festival, smiling as he held his girlfriend Hayley Roberts’ hand.

The couple posted photos and tweets during the weekend-long festival, which continues again this weekend in the Californian desert. Coachella is a popular drawcard for celebrities and this year our own AC/DC headlined the huge event.

Check out the pics of David below and tell us, what do you think of the Hoff’s new look?


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  1. youthful cool look. Is this plastic persona what we think is youthful and cool? Not me. I wish him well with his alcohol problems but certainly don’t admire or aspire to his way of doing things.

  2. A family member worked with him on a show a while ago, she said he was a very nice man, very professional & very polite & respectful, I think I like him now.

  3. Oh dear what a plastic surgeons dream this idiot has been – but look closely at his aged , wrinkly arms – they show his age.
    & as for his botoxed, barbie girl – well they certainly compliment each other don’t they ! ?
    What a pair of jokers , who are not worth the attention they have been given – so, silly me for even bothering to comment on these two useless wastes of breath.

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