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We thought she was done but we were wrong: Dame Edna Everage has come out of retirement in spectacular style, at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, no less.

Audiences had a big shock when the flamboyant Australian icon graced the stage, leaving them in hysterics after a energy-filled impromptu performance.

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival is being directed by alter ego Barry Humphries, so it was almost inevitable.

Dame Edna looked a vision in a sparkling blue dress, declaring “The toilets are out of order!”

She spoke of “embezzler” Humphries, saying “he’s had his hand in my bank account for so long”, before bursting into be song ‘My Public’.

It was the opening night of the fun-filled festival, with over 350 artists set to perform.

Here’s the Dame in action:


Have you ever seen Dame Edna perform?

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