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The Royal Prince Harry, to be known as “Captain Wales” for his stint in Australia, arrived on our soil at 5am this morning, boarding a military plane to Canberra after disembarking from a British Airlines flight.  Today, he visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Australian War Memorial.  And now he will join SAS forces in Perth, the indigenous NORFORCE soldiers in the Northern Territory, and then, later, the 6th Aviation Regiment in Sydney.
No doubt every single media camera will be firmly trained on Harry for his entire visit, so we will try not to over-serve his antics as entertainment.  But we couldn’t help on this quiet Monday but bring you his broad, laddy smile as it his Australian turf.
Hearts will flutter no doubt as he travels across our country.
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  1. His mother would be so proud of him , I wish she was here to see him.

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  2. Nope, dont care.

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    • That’s ok Marie, everyone has an opinion and are entitled to voice it. I, on the other hand, admire both Harry & William as they have tried to live as normal as possible lives. They have put a ‘human-ess’ to the monarchy

    • The question was “are you a Harry fan?” Theresa, why shouldn’t Marie comment? If SAS didn’t want to know they wouldn’t have asked!

  3. I like what he has done with the soldiers that have come back from duty hurt, given them a sense of belonging and not on there own, you are right Dianne would have been so proud of what both the boys have acheived

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