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The Starts at Sixty Bookclub kicks off today with a letter from our Bookclub Co-ordinators… three volunteers who have stepped up to lead us in the love of books, Dolly, Vivienne and Karen.  I am excited for what our bookclub can be, and invite you to help us make it what you want it to be with plenty of conversation, community and a clear love of the written word.





Hello Starts at Sixty Colleagues, 
Remember Rebecca asking for Co-ordinators for the Starts at Sixty Book Club? Well for their sins, Dolly (Janice) Daniels, Vivienne Beddoe and Karen O’Brien-Hall took up the challenge and are pleased to announce, after much discussion, our July, Starts at Sixty Book Club choices:


The Great Gatsby

by F Scott Fitzgerald,

Bookclub leader will be Dolly

Genre – Classic











Knots and Crosses

by Ian Rankin

Bookclub team leader will be Vivienne

Genre – Crime













The Railwayman’s Wife

by Ashley Hay,

Bookclub team leader will be Karen

Genre – Recent Release.




How will our Starts at Sixty Bookclub work?

We will give everyone two weeks to get into their first book, then we’ll start having our “Bookclub” weekly.  We’ll let you know each week, well in advance which book we will be discussing.  To join in the discussion, we will ask you to go to the Starts at Sixty website at 8pm on Tuesday Nights.  The thread will be open all week long… but our Book club co-ordinators will be there for a half-hour discussion on the article, at 8pm.  And from here, we’ll see how and where our book club goes…


Initially, we suggest a monthly turnaround on the three books with anyone who wants to be involved very welcome.   You can read 1, 2 or all 3 books and then get commenting on:

1. why you liked, or disliked, the book;
2. what you thought of the characters;
3. development of characters;
4. quotes of interest;
5. writers style;
6. was the story, its development and/or resolution satisfying
7. and of course any other comments you wish to make.


One of the joys of belonging to a Book Club is the opportunity to go outside your comfort zone and read what is on offer; some you will like, others will leave you wondering why you bothered, some will lead you to devour everything by an author you didn’t know existed until a book club member recommended them.


What would assist your co-ordinators is for you to suggest specific titles/authors for all members to read. If you have a strong passion for a book or author, consider being our “Guest Co-ordinator” leading the discussion for month.
So here we go folks, and now, I look forward to our first Starts at Sixty Book Club “meeting”.   Please join us, in two weeks on Tuesday night at 8pm for our first discussions… and then we hope to see you every Tuesday after that.


In the meantime, why dont you reply to this article so we know you are out there and reading ans tell us which book you think you’d like to read first.
Dolly, Vivienne and Karen


Book Club

  1. Looking forward to chatting about books as love a good read!

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  2. Hi all, I’m going to start with Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin. I loved Reubus on ABC1 but somehow failed to connect with the books (how did that happen…..LOL!) Just borrowed it from the Library so am ready to start,
    Susie Bowring-Miller

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    • Can see I’ll have to read Knots & Crosses, happy reading Susan

    • Which Reubus did you like best Susan ?

  3. I haven’t seen Rebus on TV. I was alerted to the series by hearing Ian Rankin interviewed about his most recently published Rebus book. There’s another in the pipeline. I’m hoping to read them all in order, but haven’t got far.

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    • Hi Vivienne
      I’ve not read nor seen Rebus – Ian Rankin is a new world for me, looking forward to a new genre and author.

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      • Two very different actors have played Rebus so it will be interesting to see which one you like myself I like Ken stott as he looks rough around the edges that I imagine Rebus to be like.

  4. I’ll order them all from the Library and read in order of arrival. Happy reading!

    1 REPLY
    • Hi Colleen
      Hope your library is helpful; don’t worry if you can’t read one of the books before the discussion, comments will stay on site so conversation can continue.

  5. I haven’t read any of the above books so will have a go. see if I can get them on kindle. love reading so be good to be challenged to read some books I would not normally read thanks for the opportunity

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    • That is good to hear as it is nice every now and again to get out of your comfort zone.Wait till you see some of the different ones we have lined up.I will be very interested to see the comments.

  6. Hello, I hope I wont be working on Tuesday fortnight so as I can join the Book Club…I think my choice will be Ashley Hat’s “The Railwayman’s Wife.” Hopefully I can get it at the library tomorrow.

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    • Hi Gillian
      Hope you can join us for the discussion on Tuesday fortnight also. If you can’t make it however, the discussion will stay online so we have a record for future use.

  7. Going to read again The Great Gatsby. Been good few years since the first time. Looking forward to the Book Club discussion on Tuesdays.

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    • Will be interesting Audrey to hear your comments on a re-read; for my “real world” book club I read a classic which I had loved first time around; now all I could think was “get over it!”. Look forward to our first discussion

  8. Great idea, I’m looking forward to participating. Like Colleen I think I’ll just read them in the order they are available at the library.

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    • Happy reading Kaylene – hope they all become available quickly for you

  9. cannot find the railwayman’s wife ) in any book shop, have had to order it

    1 REPLY
    • Hi Carol
      Do you ever buy on line? I know this book is available on Angus & Robertson on line for $24.99 free 2-3 day delivery. It’s also available on QBD online, but there it’s $29.99. Hope this helps you.

  10. I am so looking forward to being a member of this book club. I’m hoping it will expand my reading list and perhaps move out of my comfort zone. Have started with the Great Gatsby, which is a book I would not have chosen. Look forward to our chat on Tuesday night.

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    • Hi Pauline
      Just what we are hoping to hear; for me the “new” is Knots and Crosses as I’ve read little crime

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