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In 1994, Peter Robinson wrote his second standalone novel, No Cure for Love, out of a long-standing fascination with Los Angeles – from the movies of his childhood to the novels of Raymond Chandler. By 1995, he had already won and been nominated for numerous awards and had written the first six DCI Banks novels. Although published in 1995, No Cure for Love has not been released in Australia … until now.

It is 1990s Los Angeles and the beautiful star of a hit TV cop show is being sent strange letters.

At first, Sarah Broughton dismisses the letters as the ramblings of a lonely fan. But when the letters take on a disturbing tone and Sarah discovers a body in the sand outside her Malibu beach house, the experts are brought in.

Working as a detective in the LAPD Threat Management Unit, Arvo Hughes has seen it all before: stalkers, love obsessionals, erotomaniacs – willing to kill themselves and their supposed love objects over their devotion. He knows the language they use and the patterns they follow.

But there is no pattern to follow here. Dealing with a highly unpredictable but extremely violent killer, Arvo feels certain Sarah’s stalker must have met her before. But with the squeaky-clean star doing all she can to keep memories of a shady history locked away, Arvo must delve into her past himself.

Are you a Peter Robinson fan? Will you read this long overdue release?

No Cure for Love, by Peter Robinson, published by Hachette Australia, available for purchase from Dymocks.




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  1. I have bookcases overflowing and over 900 books on my iPad, but I’ve never heard of Peter Robinson. Sounds interesting, will check it out on Amazon. Thanks

  2. Have all his previous books and have been hanging out for a new one. Sad it’s not an Inspector Banks but will definitely look for this one.

  3. This looks very good! I have two kindles, both with around 1600 books on them and also have a library of around a thousand books. You can never have too many books!!!!

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