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“Oh no” was my first thought when I saw the title, The Healthy Life, by Jessica Sepel. Just what we need another health guru”.

The-Healthy-Life-Front-CoverJessica Sepel is, however, a breath of fresh air; a young Sydney-based nutritionist, with a down to earth attitude. Her message is “get healthy” rather than “lose weight”.

Jessica is a trained nutritionist with a burgeoning private practice and a hugely popular health blog. Her philosophy is simple: good health starts in the kitchen. Her focus is on fresh produce, prepared simply and with love.

Her work has taught her that the common practice of counting calories and restricting food groups is counterproductive to a healthy relationship with food.

The Healthy Life is fully photographed and has 100 recipes, meal plans, and a kind approach to creating better health and stress-free living.

The Healthy Life, by Jessica Sepel, is available for purchase from Dymocks


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Karen O'Brien-Hall

I've had many careers in my life and loved each one! My new career blossomed when I retired and become an OAP. I am passionate about childhood literacy, books in general and my garden. I love Ballet, Opera, Concerts, Theatre, (both professional and community) and Movies. I tend to have opinions on most things and enjoy a good debate about the topic, not the person. In my thirties, I married my GOM (Gorgeous or Grumpy Old Man) the love of my life.

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