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When the producers of Dancing With The Stars set the theme as Hometown Glory, Bindi Irwin knew exactly which song she would choose to honour her country – her late father Steve’s favourite AC/DC classic, You Shook Me All Night Long.

As if the 17-year-old hasn’t already won the heart of audiences both here and in America, Bindi can add the very impressive achievement of dancing the tango to an Acca Dacca song to her long list of achievements.

Bindi is not one for emotional displays, but she was on the verge of tears when she explained why she’d chosen the song.

“I remember when I was really little, dancing to that song with Dad. It means everything to me,” she said after the performance.

In a pre-recorded clip, she said heavy metal was her favourite kind of music and that she found it “empowering”. She told her partner she remembered her mum and dad listening to the AC/DC song.

“I was so little and so happy,” she said.

Bindi managed to rock the tango with the help of her partner Derek, continuing her winning streak on the US version of the show. She won the highest score of the night after merging the two disparate music styles with style and enthusiasm.

You can see her efforts in the brief clip below.

Does Bindi do a good job of merging the tango with AC/DC? Do you think her dad would be proud to know she chose his favourite song to dance to?

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  1. Who really wants to know !! So over Bindi Irwin and Co. Bob Irwin shoved to the background. He is the real hero as far as animal conservation goes. Not this bloody lot riding on Steve Irwin’s shirt tails

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    • Come on, give the girl a break. We all acknowledge Bob is a great conservationist, and no doubt proud of his granddaughter. It’s all about being in the public eye. You run a business that’s what you do. Family conflicts shouldn’t come into it. That’s there private business. Us the public should mind our own business.

    • Judy Cameron, dear Bob is a dear man and chose to walk away from the commercial enterprise that Steve was building up.

    • Judy. This is a beautiful young woman who lost her Dad and had to grieve publicly as well as privately. Yes she is in the limelight but she is doing really well and can certainly dance and Steve and her Granddad would be so proud of her or that.

    • What a awful comment, your comment says more about the person you are, than about Steve’s family.Who cares what you think!!!!!!!

    • All the history is not Bindi’s fault. She is beautiful in her own right and it seems a lot of people are just jealous of her success. Typical tall poppy syndrome.

    • judy Cameron, are you saying the girl did not win on merit, please give the judges & public a little more respect than that, I pray the rest of your life is happier than you have allowed your past to be. very sad indeed.

    • I love watching Bindi dance, I can’t get enough of her. People like Judy should keep their mouth shut, nasty person!

    • I dont watch dancing with the stars so please dont pass comment on my opinion of her dancing, nor do you know me to be able to comment on what type of person i am.

    • I can’t believe some of the nasty and negative comments I have just read on this site… Bindi Irwin is an extremely talented and beautiful young girl who has done her family and Australia proud! Your tactless opinions have no merit and portray some very ugly characteristics indeed!

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether you choose to portray yourself as very crude, uneducated person by suggesting where that opinion should be placed, is entirely up to you.

    • Judy when I expressed negative/critical comments (as a child and as a teenager my mother would say (A..a if you haven’t got anything good to say – then don’t say anything at all) there is not enough positive energies being generated or used to minimise all the negativity polluting all our environments – this is not good. What’s wrong with saying something like the Irwin family are very talented, I believe bob Irwin is the real hero.

  2. “Riding on Steves’shirt tails”? Oh, for goodness sake……..she is his DAUGHTER.

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    • Arh, no she isn’t, she is doing all of this on her own merits, not to mention the work she does with wild life, and school, and her mum has done a wonderful job on her own! Yes I’m a very biased Aussie, sticking up for these awesome young people, we could do with more of them with their outlook on life and towards animals….

    • I agree with you Liz. The nasty and downright hateful comments are totally uneccessary. She has been in the spotlight all her life, and like him or not, she is Steve Irwins daughter.

  3. Bindi is doing a fantastic job of living and loving life. Well done. She could show the drug fucked moron kids of other some other celebrities how to behave. At least she’s not a spoiled brat living on a trust fund.

  4. Wow she looked like her mum Terry up there. Dad would be so proud. Your doing a great job. Keep it up.

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