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Media legend and TV personality Bert Newton has discussed his views on a controversial topic – same sex marriage. Bert has been relatively quiet in the last decade since Good Morning Australia was taken off the air in 2005, however he has re-emerged, much to the delight of his fans.

Brought up in a strict Catholic family and currently 40 years into a marriage with Patti, Bert admitted he still has some conflict in his mind about what he feels is right versus what he has been brought up to think is right. Speaking to 702 ABC Sydney about marriage equality in Australia, the 76-year-old said he still has “that fight in my mind”.

‘There’s a part of me that says, “of course that should be”, but it’s very hard to ignore how you’ve been brought up.

“I’m still conflicted”. The reason Bert Newton does have that compassion for the LGBTI community is because of friends who tried to keep their sexuality hidden in the 1950s and 60s.

“Well that’s the sad thing, I know of more than a handful of performers, who were closet gay, because they had to be closet gay”, he said.

“They had their career, in all cases, in each case, they were wonderful performers, but they had a tension, they had a style of living that we certainly didn’t have, and their lives would have been so much happier if it hadn’t been as it was”.

And in regards to the conscience vote controversy occurring at the moment, Bert said there should be a vote of conscience or free vote to allow MPs to vote based on their beliefs.

A conscience vote, or free vote, allows members of a political party to vote in accordance with their own belief, rather than the belief of the political party they are aligned to.

According to a 2013 Nielsen poll reporting 65 per cent of Australians in favour of same-sex marriage and 28 per cent against, and it’s not quite clear where Bert Newton stands but even just starting the conversation is important and encourages those of us who have had a strict upbringing to challenge what we have been told versus what is perceived to be right.

Tell us tonight: Do you feel the same as Bert? Are you sitting on the fence of marriage equality? Or are you divided? 

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  1. They can do what they want but just don’t call it Marriage!!!!

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    • Why not? I fully intend to marry my female partner as soon as the law is changed. I have no intention of asking her to ‘civil union’ me, thank you.

    • I have no objections to gay couples committing to a union, but do not call it marriage

  2. A conscience vote should be but also a conscience of the electorate not the mp personal beliefs.
    Ps. Why should straights be the only ones to suffers divorce etc.
    Let’s get it done. Whom ever want to marry whom ever. Please!!!!!!

  3. A bit like Bert same background . I think it should be called union .not sure

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    • Why? So hetero couples can keep themselves apart and more ‘special’…different is never equal, and as human beings we should all have equal rights.

    • Still u decided Noni I love and respect gay couples .i just think it would be nice to call Civil Union that’s all we r no more special.i think it is part of my upbringing.

  4. Having a gay daughter i fully support marriage equality! I would love nothing more than to see her marry the wonan she loves so they can have all the same legal rights as straight people and share that special say with those who love them.

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    • I not gay. But if to people love one another and want to live together as wife an wife or hasband an husband it is no one business . Love is hard to fine. If that person happend to be the same sex. Then good on you.

    • Yes, but it needs to happen SOON, so many people have died and been denied the right to marry the person they love. My partner is 68, I am 62 and all we want is to be able to make that commitment to each other. No more waiting.

    • I really don’t see what ones sexuality should be anyone else’s business and if same sex couples want to marry then they should be able too. It’s not about who they have sex with, but giving them legal rights to inherit from their partner (if no will), get a joint loan, etc. I get what Bert is saying, it’s hard to go against upbringing, but even my 87 year old mother doesn’t have a problem with it. Linda, I hope you get to marry the person you love. Xx

    • Love is love no matter where you find it. If two people love each other enough to want to make that commitment then it is nobody elses’ business imo. Everyone deserves to be happy.

    • it has nothing to do with anyone… its their private business.. I say good luck to them,,,, if they are not hurting u or anyone else ..none of anyone elses business..

  5. No I’m not sitting on the fence, I think everyone is entitled to a legal relationship. If a couple accumulate property and assets over a long period of time why shouldn’t they be secure in the knowledge that their partners are legally entitled to it if anything happens to them.

  6. Should be called union or or something else…I know I sound old fashion but marriage is about the only normal thing left in the’s between man & woman..not man & man or woman & woman. I am not against guys just against the WORD marriage for them.

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    • What that means Marilyn is you want to deny someone else what YOU have, for no reason other than that they are different to you. Normal is just a point of a scale, it does not mean right or good.

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      • Marriage was instituted thousands of years ago, and it has never
        Been between women and women, or men and men. Why change it now?

    • Marriage is defined in whatever way the state decides to define it. If the state decides the definition is a legal union between two consenting adults, that’s what marriage is.

    • Where in law etc does it say marriage has to be between a man and a woman only? Does it ever say it cannot be be between a woman and woman or man and man?

    • Boy people are so sensitive. .. this is my opinion I DID NOT say anything about law..I was mostly making a point that everthing in the world has changed..I just think somethings should remain the same.

    • Julie, John Howard actually changed the Marriage Act in 2004 to include the words ‘man and woman”, following along the lines of Clinton in America who did the same thing. It was a push from the religious right who realised that until then, in the USA, it only talked about spouses, and as Massachussets had just become the first state to allow ME back then, they were panicking. It was called Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) and has since been repealed by President Obama, as it shoud be here in Australia.

    • And yes Marilyn, some people ARE sensitive. I get very sensitive when as a human being and a law abiding, tax paying citizen of this country I am told that I cannot have what others have simple because of the sex on the person I love. Try and walk a mile in other people’s shoes occasionally and think about what it would be like not to be allowed that right to marry who you love.

    • Life is tough for everyone. .not just guys.. I as a married person was discriminated against as all other groups got the right for different things. Thats in the government sector. I now have to fight the government since my husband passed away too..

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