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Bert Newton has been on our screens for 50 years and we’ve grown used to him looking something like this:

But on a recent night out with his wife Patti, Bert had taken he bold step of going au natural, and leaving the hairpiece at home.

The Daily Mail reports that the 77-year-old entertainer has been photographed previously without his hair, but this is the first time he has left it at home for an event. Patti and Bert were attending the premiere of Georgy Girl, the musical about The Seekers, in Melbourne. Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.16.13 pm Bert and Patti were spotted out again at the Fidler on the roof, so it looks like the new hairstyle (can you call it that?) is here to stay!

Bert famously “tipped his wig” to comedian Don Lane during his farewell service in 2009, and for years viewers of Good Morning Australia were accustomed to seeing Bert with his hairpiece on. Over all the years of service to entertainment, Bert’s hairstyle (whether his own or a hairpiece) has hardly deviated from the brown or russet side-comb.

In the pictures from Melbourne, Bert is beaming and looks incredibly happy. Is is the recent imminent arrival of another grandchild or the fact that he no longer has to endure an itchy head?

What do you think? Is Bert Newton better off without his hairpiece? Do you like the shiny new look? How does the man in your life cope with baldness?


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  1. Nothing the matter with being bald I am sure you look good Bert,,, many young fellas shave their heads to look their type of cool….

  2. When you see Bert you see Bert’s round jolly face not his hair so I think Bert had made a wise choice letting people see the reL Be
    When you see Bert you see a round jolly face not his hair so I think Bert has made a wise choice and now everyone will just see happy jolly moon face Bert. Good on you Bert:-)

  3. I guess the only approval Bert needs is Patties, which he obviously had or he wouldn’t have been out like that.

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