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It’s an idea we never considered until today. But now the concept is out there, we’re already growing impatient to see it become a reality.

Barbra Streisand is currently working on a new movie version of the Broadway musical Gypsy, in which she also plans to star.

According to Broadway World, she’s now courting John Travolta for the leading role – opposite Lady Gaga to boot.

To add a little extra excitement to the mix: the scriptwriting duties have even passed through the hands of Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellows – although how much of his work remains in the final screenplay remains to be seen.

The musical is loosely based on the memoirs of famous burlesque and striptease artist Gypsy Rose Lee.

Lady Gaga is currently set to play the young performer, with Streisand in the central role of her parent, “the ultimate show business mother”.

Travolta and Streisand have been expressing a desire to work together since the 1970s, so if it pans out, this could be an exciting prospect for both performers. It would also mark one of the very few times Travolta has sung on screen since Grease in 1978.

Are you a musical fan? Are you excited at the idea of Travolta and Streisand performing together?

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  1. Sounds interesting, love musicals!

  2. I think GaGa will be a wonderful Gypsy Rose Lee. Far more believable than Natalie Wood , way back when. What a great cast. I will look forward to seeing it when it comes to fruition.

  3. Your story is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO old news. It’s not even accurate. Where do you get your information? Julian Fellows has not been a part of this ‘possible’ project for over two years now. There is no truth to Travolta being considered. Those are his own words, not Streisand’s. Gaga? Maybe. If this project goes forward, if it gets a green light from Universal, then MAYBE, MAYBE, Streisand will do it. Nothing in stone yet. She may not even star, just direct. Do you homework before you publish such nonsense.

    1 REPLY
    • This isn’t nonsense…everything we’ve heard about this a lot of truth connected to it. We have to wait and see…and hope!

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