A bitter-sweet announcement from David Bowie’s son 59



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Exactly one month after the death of his father, David Bowie, Duncan Jones has some wonderful news to share:

The baby will be Duncan and his wife Rodene Ronquillo’s first baby, and David Bowie’s first grandchild.

While it’s obviously great news for the family – including Duncan’s mother Angie Bowie who will also become a grandmother for the first time. But it’s also heartbreaking to think that David Bowie didn’t get a chance to meet his grandchild in person. Although we’re sure he will be looking over the baby.

It was Duncan who broke the news to the world that the music icon had lost his battle with liver cancer.

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  1. I have always thought as 1 leaves a family another will enter

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    • I truly believe that. I have seen it happen in some unusual circumstances where you could not just write it off as an ordinary cycle of life and death like my friend at church. Her daughters mother in law passed away and I made the comment that there would be a new baby in the family soon. She thought about the immediate family and replied – unlikely! She was so excited a couple of months later when her daughter who had been trying to conceive for years found she was pregnant.

  2. Very sad. My mother died in August and my first grandchild was born in September and the second one in November. Mum knew how much I loved babies and always wanted to see me nurse the little ones. Alas, it was never meant to be. My father died in February and his daughter (my sister) gave birth in March. So he never got to see that grandchild.

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