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With picturesque beaches, amazing weather, a friendly atmosphere and plenty of open spaces, it’s easy to see the appeal of retiring on Australia’s east coast.

Based on recent trends, one area seems to appeal to new retirees more than any other: the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast property expert Victoria Dent reports unprecedented activity in the over 50s residential resort market. Victoria says years of sales experience confirms the Sunshine Coast is an over 50s’ favourite.

“My experience at the former Hyatt Resort at Coolum – more recently with Living Gems Sunstone Gardens at Maleny, and now at Crystal by Living Gems in Pacific Paradise – shows the Sunshine Coast is a premier retirement location.

“The excitement about Crystal by Living Gems surpasses all previous sales results and forecasts. The Pacific Paradise resort has captured the attention of buyers from all over Queensland, interstate and a few overseas buyers,” Victoria says.


Crystal by Living Gems is the latest development from the industry’s leading over 50s’ lifestyle resort specialist. Living Gems has built and managed master planned communities for active over 50s since the early ‘80s. The company now has resorts in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Independent international assessors recently voted Living Gems Active Over 50s’ Lifestyle Resorts the Best in Australasia. Victoria says Crystal by Living Gems will surpass even this high standard.

“This residential resort sets a new benchmark in style, value and quality. It appeals to people who want the best of everything in an idyllic location,” she says.

“Crystal by Living Gems is designed for people who are still in the workforce, running a business, those who are planning retirement and retirees who want to make the most of their leisure time.

The onsite sales office at 596 David Low Way, Pacific Paradise is now open. Although building has not yet commenced we have already sold 10 homes.

“The location is a drawcard; the resort is a two minute drive or 20 minute stroll from golden beaches, village style shopping precincts, medical facilities and a modern hospital. Noosa and Caloundra are within a 20 minute drive and Brisbane can be reached in little more than an hour”.

Victoria says Living Gems multi-award winning lifestyle resorts are all about people. “Crystal by Living Gems is a prestigious boutique resort of 126 architect designed two and three bedroom homes. Outstanding resort facilities and a community based on friendship and fun is the key.

“This secure, pet friendly gated community will have managers to take care of the facilities, grounds and home owners’ front lawns. Resort facilities will include a country club with dining areas and a bar, a grand ballroom with a theatre stage and a private cinema.

“Residents and their guests have exclusive use of a magnificent swimming pool and spa. The pool pavilion and barbecue area is designed for relaxed entertaining. Lifestyle facilities include a gym, a fully covered and floodlit bowling green and a tennis court.

“There are no entry fees, exit fees, stamp duties or rates to pay. People can enjoy the lifestyle and if they choose to sell at any time they retain all of their capital gain. Crystal by Living Gems exceeds buyers’ expectations at every level, it’s hardly surprising that sales are at record levels,” Victoria says.

For more information visit or call Victoria on 1800 279 782.

Do you agree? Where is your dream retirement location?

This post is sponsored by Living Gems. It was written as we feel it delivers valuable insights into a subject important to the Starts at 60 community. To learn more about these lively over-50s retirement resorts, please visit the Living Gems website.

Living Gems

Living Gems' award-winning communities are designed with over 50s in mind. The multi-award winning resorts feature top quality architecturally designed homes in master planned communities with five-star resort-style facilities. Live the lifestyle you deserve at Living Gems.

  1. There are also no affordable rentals in those places. I am looking to go to Italy next year for a year or so. I have looked at various places and become confused at the different sites. Would love SAS to check out smaller towns in the south of Italy and give accurate sites on how to find out about living there for awhile.

    6 REPLY
    • Sorry why should they check out villages in other countries.

      1 REPLY
      • Wendy, with respect, I think Fran raises a legitimate point. Although living overseas is not for me, it may be something that others like Fran might consider. It would do no harm and may, indeed, provide extra food for thought on Starts At 60.

    • Have you thought of house swapping Fran? It’s something we’ve done a few times in Europe. There are some good sites out there. Just a thought.


  3. yes great idea come to wondeful far nth qld cant swim in the ocean theres not many fish left its hot and humid so you spend all day in the aircon electricity is high as to pay the bill you have to sell a kidney theres no employment plenty of rentals available rates are sky high and theres a water shortage but the good news is they are trying to fix the highway soon we will have two lanes .one going up and one coming back

    2 REPLY
    • I think of the way the local govt is not in touch with grass roots residents same goes for the next tier of govt way down south in brisbane where all the money and all the resources go all the infrastructure and just about every other badly needed funding for outback ozz no wonder noone goes on holiday here its way too expensive and theres nothing to do just suck piss and watch tv in the aircon waste of time even getting the car loaded stay at home its eeasier believe me..heres the latest news from the bowels of the political parties that are in abundance but fail to do anything of use the refugees from syria will be shunted to this region because of the availability of vacant housing where the rents will be payed to the landlords thus enabling them to payoff their investment houses which have been non returning for the past 2 years well im sorry ived digressed a bit but thats just what happens when you get too much sun haha

  4. I find Perth’s cost of living high but will probably always live here because of the grandchildren. I am retired and still living in the family home because to go into a retirement village here is very expensive.

  5. Far to expensive , as for friendly ! ! I think older people get very isolated here and are not given the same degree of respect as many other countries , plus these retirement villages are community dividers , the young must think oldies disappear after 60. No I think there are many better places to retire but and its a big BUT most like/ need to be near family

  6. My grand dad use to say where I lay my hat is home, so I come to Denham (Shark Bay) 22 years ago and never looked back, living is A high but it is nice here.

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    • [email protected]

      Shark Bay – a lovely quiet place to live, but plenty to do if you wish to get involved.

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