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Retirement is an exciting time of your life, perhaps it’s the first time you have freedom and free time to pursue travel or other interests and hobbies you’ve always wanted to. It’s the time where you can slow down, smell the roses, and just enjoy life. However, the loss of a stable work routine and its associated sense of purpose may be hard to adjust to, so we’ve compiled a list of meaningful activities to replace work and offer a new sense of purpose in your life.

You may not be ready to dive straight into unemployment yet, so why not establish your second career through part-time jobs and volunteering:

  • Volunteer at your nearest animal shelter or library
  • Become a mentor for start-up entrepreneurs
  • Become a visiting professor
  • Open a small coffee shop or a home-business that sells handmade crafts
  • Become an activist for a cause that you care about
  • Tutor students (or your grandchildren)
  • Sell your crafts online through a website such as etsy.

If you just want to relax and enjoy socialising, here are some great ways to do it:

  • Spend more quality time with family and friends
  • Meet up with ex-colleagues or friends for a regular picnic lunch
  • Throw more parties
  • Write letters (or send emails)
  • Join a book club
  • Volunteer to do social activities with friends
  • Join a club, perhaps ballroom dancing or swimming.

Tap into your creative mind and use your creative passions by doing some of these:

  • Paint, sketch or draw
  • Learn ceramics and make cups, bowls or vases as gifts
  • Learn to sculpt
  • Learn photography, perhaps on your antique camera
  • Take a photo a day and compile into an album of your life
  • Edit photography digitally on Photoshop
  • Publish artwork online on DeviantArt and sell on Etsy
  • Learn a musical instrument
  • Join a band or music club
  • Write your own songs for family and friends
  • Study interior design
  • Knit, crochet and learn needlepoint
  • Make a quilt
  • Write a memoir or novel
  • Cultivate bonsai trees
  • Create and improve your garden
  • Try new recipes for your next party
  • Start a YouTube channel and make videos
  • Learn woodworking or carpentry

We all know we need exercise as it regulates our emotions, ensures our bodies are healthy and leads to feelings of wellbeing. So why not try out different physical activities and spice up your daily routine with the following:

  • Fishing
  • White water rafting
  • Hiking
  • Fun runs
  • Learn martial arts
  • Coach your favourite sport
  • Swim at beaches around your area
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Bungee-jumping
  • Roller skating
  • Kitesurfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Free diving
  • Yoga and pilates

There is a whole world of new things you can try, enjoy and have fun with during retirement. Make the years you have for yourself count and stay happy and healthy.


What have you done in your retirement? Have you tried anything new?

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  1. Yes, have been doing mosaics. No time to do it while I was working! Also re-done the garden.

    2 REPLY
    • I’ve always wanted to try that. Keep ‘how to’ articles but haven’t made time for it yet. Maybe when we downsize.

    • It’s very addictive Linda. Also fun looking for tile bargains – or you can use glass also. All you need is time, patience and a bit of imagination. Good Luck.

  2. Heck Yeh!! I have tried out different XRay machines, been in a few operating rooms, met some strange people wearing masks holding tiny knives, visited hospitals volenteered to be lasered (that was fun!!) Entered chemist shops and pharmacist says “wow you`re getting game, trying new medication now” In one year life is so much fun!! I would like to travel but with my luck I would end up back at XRay machines etc again. LOL

    6 REPLY
    • I know where you’re coming from Debbie. I was
      Diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months ago and I’m hobnobbing with Drs Nurses etc in the hospital . My social life is full on!! However, wonderful people in RPH I do hope you get a break soon xx

    • Just been for scans seems I have complications after radiation. But I must never loose my sense of humour, I would be boring if that happened. 🙂

    • Elizabeth, so was I, my op was July, finished radiation end of October, apparently many side effects happen after radiation. look after yourself we are on a long journey with this.

  3. I drove myself around UK 6 years ago, unaccompanied, and was shown wonderful hospitality. I also went on safari in Kenya just 4 months ago, again unaccompanied, and, at 73, found out how beautiful and fulfilling and thrilling it was to see nature in action. Made me so thankful to be alive !

    2 REPLY
  4. Does decluttering and rehoming stuff from a lifetime count. It’s very daunting and I have been tackling one area at a time for a year now. Wish I had a magic wand.

    8 REPLY
    • I’ve been tackling it for over 8 years, Linda and still on room 1 of 5. Have put it on 2016 new Year resolution list.

    • Well good luck Percy, hope you have success. I had to go through once and part with the most obvious things and now on my second go through. Much harder decisions this time though. Sadly my husband, a hoarder, hasn’t even started on his stuff yet. I’m not sure how I can persuade him to either, I don’t have a firearm or even a taser lol.

    • It’s so hard. I had to de clutter and toss heaps of lifetime things when we moved 6 months ago. As daunting as it was at the time letting go of part of my life it is all ok now.

    • Congratulations on beginning to declutter .Try as i may i can’t begin and boy do i have a lot of stuff i’m hanging onto Why ?

    • Know exactly how you feel. If only I could follow your example. New year resolution perhaps???

    • I agree it is very hard. So many things seem to be souvenirs of our life, but they must go, we are downsizing by about 50% and several acres.

  5. I bought a tricycle, and take myself for rides regularly. Never owned a bike of any description before, as I was a city girl who used public transport in my younger days, and a car as I ferried kids around later in life. The exhilaration I get from riding is indescribable.

  6. You missed the greatest hobby in the world, MODEL RAILWAYS . people who model trains very rarely, if ever, suffer Dementia. It’s not neccessarily a costly hobby. Plenty of clubs in Australia, particularly in NSW. terrific fellowship from fellow modellers. Nothing to loose & everything to gain. Try it.

  7. Went to UK and Europe in 2000. Done quite a bit of travelling around Oz. Spent a few years doing a Family Tree.

  8. Returned to writing short stories but this time getting published. Making movies as an actor and having some success. Travelled to Europe. Still playing in a rock band

  9. Retired 3 wks ago fell over on 30.12.14 now have ruptured tendon in R shoulder have to have an oper

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