Forget the man cave! SheShedz are where it's at

The SheShedz can be painted or stained however you choose. Source: SheShedz

We’ve all heard of man caves, but men aren’t the only ones who need some peace and quiet every once in a while. Now, one company has created a range of SheShedz to give everyone the opportunity to create a space of their own. 

According to the website, SheShedz are meant to “inspire people to design a space where they can create, enjoy, grow and relax in an area that is unique to them”. And it helps that the sheds have an adorable cottage-like feel that won’t become a giant eyesore in your backyard. 

Most garden sheds these days have relatively simple, utilitarian designs that make them a great place to store odds and ends, but they’re not a place you’d like to spend a significant amount of time. At $6,200 plus delivery around Australia, the SheShedz have been created to withstand tough conditions while also exuding some old-fashioned whimsy. Since they arrive in their natural wooden state, you can paint or stain them in any colour you choose to create a look that will perfectly complement your home. 

An extra space like this could even be an added bonus when it comes to selling or renting a property. Despite the name, SheShedz aren’t restricted to women—anyone who appreciates the homely design can fit out the shed in a way that appeals to them, whether it’s for something as simple as storage for gardening tools or something more elaborate, such as a library or craft room. 

The natural look is perfect for a gardening area. Source: SheShedz

The SheShedz can also be lined for use as a cabin or guest room, and a registered electrician or plumber will be able to provide quotes should you wish to tailor your shed for power or plumbing. The sheds are just small enough that owners may not even need to seek council approval for the project, though it’s always recommended that you check with your local council just in case you run into any issues.

With a few pieces of furniture, you can transform the space into a heavenly retreat. Source: SheShedz

The best part is that you may not even need to put the SheShedz into the too-hard basket or wait until your friends or family can help you construct it. Penny, a 68-year-old SheShedz owner, was thrilled that she could construct the shed all by herself (with the exception of lifting doors in). 

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With enough determination, the SheShedz are easy to put together. Source: SheShedz

“Everyone thought I was mad to attempt it single-handed and lots of people (men) offered to do it for me, which I politely refused as half the fun was proving to myself I could do it!” Penny told SheShedz. 

Penny admits the project took her a couple of weeks by herself, but says she “enjoyed every minute of it – even the frustrating bits” and she’d encourage anyone to have a go at creating a shed of their own. 

This is definitely something to keep in mind if you’re considering landscaping in the future; rather than hiding the ugly garden shed in a less-accessible corner, away from prying eyes, you can give this type of structure pride of place and make something that’s perfect for relaxation and additional storage. 

Have you ever wanted to try something like the SheShedz?