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The smaller apartment is something that onfronts many of us who have lived in houses int he suburbs for decades.  But there is some debate that these types of units present an exciting entry point into the property market for some people at different and appropriate stages of their lives and when surrounded by great amenity, at the right price, why should they be encouraged.

This weekend at the 2015 Houses Awards, apartment of the year was awarded to a 27 sqm apartment in Darlinghurst Sydney where the architect, Brad Schwartz, reconfigures the space available in the small studio into a fully functional home for a couple.  Could you live here or could you have lived here at any point of your life?

The design cleverly incorporates a small bedroom, a laundry and ample storage into the incredibly tight floor space. Each element of the design has been carefully considered to maximize storage and functionality. A deceptively simple central joinery element contains sliding doors, flaps and hatches to conceal and reveal the bedroom, a wine rack, a fold-down desk, a television and general storage. Elements are designed for flexibility of use: the step to the bedroom doubles as a seat and storage element; the kitchen drying rack doubles as crockery storage. The private zones of the apartment are skilfully delineated from the living area by a step and sliding door to provide a sense of seclusion to each of these spaces despite their close proximity. The material palette is purposely restrained and mirrors are sparsely but effectively used to exaggerate the feeling of spaciousness. This project is an excellent example of what a thoughtful designer can achieve within a very small space and with a very tight budget.

Tell us what you think today?  Is this the best our Aussie Apartment market has to look forward to in the future?

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2015 Houseawards
2015 House Awards
2015 House Awards
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  1. I could do it, but the bed area is a waste . why not what we have done in our Carlton Melbourne apartment. New York style Wall bed. easy to declutter in smaller area and I guess we are near a park saw one apartment the other day that actually hoisted the bed up into the ceiling by remote and with solar panels . cheap to operate

  2. Clever design. C
    Great for young professionals who spend heaps of time at work and socialising.
    Maybe good also for elderly who can’t handle the upkeep of a larger space.

    2 REPLY
  3. Depends on several things! How much are body corporate fees? Is there sufficient amount in the sinking fund to cope with emergencies and who is on the committee? for a start!!

  4. My bedsit is smaller than that unit, and I share it with two small dogs. It’s not elegant or modern but very liveable.

  5. pix but no plan – looks like the only different feature is partially concealing the bed behind a TV partition

    I lived happily in a 7’x9′ room – less than 6 sq.m. – with a 10′ ceiling I used 8 lengths of 4″x2″ – 4 as vertical posts, 4 as horizontal cross-braces for my mezzanine double-bed frame – then put my study desk, chair and bookshelves under, an armchair and clothes rack to the side – I even had a Persian carpet on the floor

    my girlfriend liked climbing up the ladder so much she visited and stayed often – the bed had a view from the top of the window, the desk under had a full view out the window, so it was close to perfect, and in the student share house it was cheap as chips !

    so – good design can give great livability in a tiny space – just requires a bit of thought

    but – quick tip from experience – avoid moveable furniture with sliding partitions or pull-down beds – that quickly gets tiring and people trip over stuff that wasn’t where it was before

  6. No plan. Where was the bath/laundry? Loathe that they never show these things.

  7. Too small for me – I would get claustrophobic. And where’s the bathroom, toilet and laundry??????

  8. How would you make the bed. No space to get around it.

  9. a shipping containers bigger than that and you can go round the world in it , it’s a wonder imigrants hav’nt worked that one out .

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