Will this one habit make you lose weight faster? [Dieting after sixty]

The humble lemon is rich in vitamin C and a good concentrated food source of other nutrients like calcium, potassium and pectin fibre. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies. Lemons also have many medical values and antibacterial properties and even contain traces of iron and vitamin A.

I always knew that the juice of a lemon in warm water first thing in the morning was meant to somehow aid in weight loss especially if one is eating sensibly and exercising moderately. But it is only recently that I’ve put it into practice again. A close friend encouraged me as she swears by the lemon juice theory, she had told me many times that all the women and men in her family were staunch devotees of the benefits of lemon juice.




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Having the juice of a lemon at least once a day preferably first thing in the morning is very beneficial because it stimulates your digestive system, encourages the production of bile and helps to flush out toxins. The experts say that lemon juice should not be consumed without diluting it in a glass of warm water as it can affect the enamel on your teeth.

Apparently it’s not just the juice that is beneficial but also the peel of the lemon should be consumed daily if possible as it contains the pectin fibre. The pectin in the peel is a source of fibre that tends to ward off hunger when digested. The pectin in the peel turns into a sticky gel when digested preventing your stomach from absorbing sugar too quickly. The best way to ingest the peel of a lemon is to zest the skin into salads and soups or add it to fish and chicken dishes. I decided to add the lemon zest to my muesli and to my natural yoghurt that I have for breakfast, I like the light lemon flavour it adds. I will certainly need to eventually buy myself a dedicated lemon zester gadget, as zesting with my old grater is useless.

These are some of the main advantages of having the juice of a lemon in warm water first thing in the morning:

  1. Lemons contain pectin that helps to curb hunger meaning you are less likely to snack
  2. Lemons aid in digestion and have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract
  3. Lemon juice is a diuretic that can result in toxins being released faster
  4. Lemon juice acts as a liver cleanser assisting in detoxification
  5. Lemons support the immune system and assists the body in fighting colds and flu
  6. Lemons are rich in vitamin C that can repair and protect your skin tissue
  7. Lemon juice due to the high levels of potassium can help brain and nerve function
  8. Lemon juice also contains vitamin P that improves capillary permeability and overall blood flow
  9. Lemons also promote wound healing due to the high level of ascorbic acid
  10. Lemon juice can also act as a disinfectant for the mouth due to its antiseptic qualities
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Why not try to make a habit of having lemon juice first thing in the morning as part of your routine? What have you got to lose by keeping a supply of lemons in your kitchen and leaving the juicer out on the bench?

I now have all the accoutrement permanently set up on the bench and while the coffee is brewing prepare my juice. If this simple habit can help me in my weight control battle I’m all for it. I have a prolific lemon tree in my back garden that has made the ritual of having lemon juice first thing in the morning easier for me. xxx CaroleL


Do you drink lemon juice every day? Do you believe it works?

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Anyone with a BMI over 25 and over the age of 60 should really look seriously at devising an eating plan that has reduced kilojoules. You need an uncomplicated plan that can also fit in with your lifestyle, and one that you can adapt if necessary for unavoidable social events.
Please note that Carole is not a physician, dietician or nutritionist. If a reader has any issues about their weight that are medically related then a professional opinion should always be obtained before embarking on any changes or restrictions to their diets.