Sixty and sexy

Sexual attraction has nothing to do with age. Beautiful women are sexy at any age, so be prepared to attract attention from the opposite sex. As we already know, men rarely change. Once a ladies’ man always a ladies’ man! To know that you are desirable is good for your self-esteem and will strengthen your resolve to continue to care for your appearance.

Nobody should be lonely in their later years, so if you are single and available, let a little romance into your life. Flirting is great fun and how far you let it go depends on your inclination and circumstances.

If you have been married for many years, maintaining beauty will help keep the love alive and taking care to look beautiful shows love and respect for your partner.

The libido may not be what it once was, but as the old adages goes, “I may not be as good as I once was, but I am as good once as I ever was.” Ask your doctor what he can prescribe to lift your libido.

An oestrogen suppository will plump up the walls of the vagina and assist with comfortable intercourse.

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A good sex life is also about tenderness and intimacy.

At any time but especially after a period of abstinence, cystitis (urinary tract infection) can be a problem. It is caused by germs from either your bottom or your partner’s bottom entering the urethra. The only cure is a course of antibiotics. If cystitis is a constant problem, ask your doctor for an extra supply of antibiotics so that you have some on hand to deal with attacks immediately you feel that awful burning sensation.

Tip: To prevent cystitis always wipe your bottom from front to back and always have a wee after intercourse. Stay on the toilet until you do; just a little bit of wee is fine and will flush away germs.

Western culture has considered youth and slenderness as attractive for most of our lives, but recently, with the increase in numbers of mature-age folk, attitudes are changing. Perhaps not because we are suddenly seen as attractive; more because of our spending power I suspect. Whatever the reason, bring it on. It’s good for us to see Iris Apfels modelling at 90-plus and older hands showing rings in a jewellery advert. This will promote the look of ageing as attractive.

Whatever your age, shape or size, you are attractive.

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Look at yourself naked

  • Resist being judgemental
  • Think of your body’s shapes as though describing a work of art: “What a lovely curve here.” “How shapely there.” “Gorgeous slope downwards.”

Your body is a magnificent creation to be celebrated. Being sexy is not about black lace undies and such. Rise above feelings of regret for your youthful body and celebrate that body in its maturity.

Zsa Zsa Gabor once said in her later years, “What it my ultimate health secret? Sex. It keeps me young.”

What would Zsa Zsa remark if someone had said to her:

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“You shouldn’t be doing that anymore.”
“You shouldn’t have those thoughts.”
“You shouldn’t have those feelings.”

After she had said “mind your own business”, she might say that older folk would do well to discuss intimacy and sexuality rather than health problems, nursing homes, death and dying.

If you are single, over-50 and available, there are many places you can find romance will blossom. Online is one, but don’t forget your various local clubs and organisations. Whatever your age, love still comes out of the blue.

For many years, a girlfriend of mine was part of a group who got together once a week at the local club. Most had known each other all their lives. Over the years, some passed away, some moved away, until only two were left — my single girlfriend and a single gentleman. You’ve guessed it! Despite being in their 70s love came their way and now a wedding is being planned.

Six tips for partners

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  1. Gloss over your partner’s maddening habits and focus on the things you love about him/her.
  2. Politeness, tolerance, generosity and kindness display good manners and manners matter.
  3. Always acknowledge that your partner has needs, just as you do.
  4. Try not to dwell on the past.
  5. You don’t own your partner — give each other space and respect their interests.
  6. Never belittle your partner. You’ve heard it. You’ve cringed.  Be loyal.
  7. Keep your heart and mind open, reach out and become one of those people to whom things happen.

What are your thoughts on sexual attraction? Share your thoughts with us.

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