Remember this landmark day in Australia's television history?

Early television
It was a long time coming, but television has sure changed our lives!

It’s hard to think back to a time where we couldn’t just sit down in front of the television and have a good night in.

Can you believe it was on September 17 back in 1956 that television was first broadcast in Australia? While there were experimental broadcasts from the late ’20s it wasn’t until this day the first person was actually seen in-vision.

From the moment Bruce Gyngell said those magic words ‘Good evening, and welcome to television’, we’ve had a love affair with the medium.

Early televisions
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Do you remember when your radio and televisions look like these?
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There were still many years to go before colour arrived on our screens, in 1975. 

My, the things we watched during those years. One thing you must say, the quality of the shows that were on offer have improved. That’s not to say there weren’t some rippers!

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There are some classics that have lasted the test of time, like Skippy, Homicide and Division 4, leading on to more iconic shows down the track, like Prisoner and Young Talent Time

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How many of these other classic early television shows, some local and some imported, can you remember?

  • The Adventures of the Seaspray
  • Bluey
  • Bobby Dazzler
  • Rush
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  • Hunter
  • Boney
  • The Magic Boomerang

  • My Name’s McGooley
  • The Last of the Australians
  • Chopper Squad
  • Delta

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  • Glenview High
  • Spyforce
  • Joan and Leslie

As for that very first broadcast in 1956, it was mostly watched by people crowding around the retail stores, after all, who actually owned a television then? 

The opening program ‘This is Television’ included screenings of the Johnny O’Connor Show, Patti Page Show, Father Knows Bet, I love Lucy and Robin Hood. It ended with the National Anthem. 

It’s clear that Aussies love their old shows. Which ones do you remember watching?