If you suffer aches and pains when walking, this is for you

If you're a walker, you'll like these socks.

*Editor’s note: This is not a sponsored article. Our community blogger Michael just really likes these socks and wants to spread the joy!*

Are you a morning walker, an afternoon one, or an anytime walker?

Do you leap from your bed in the cold winter mornings, rug up in track pants and jackets, throw your trusty scarf around your neck and head off in the winter cold? Feel your walking shoes crunch through the frost from the cold overnight?

If you are like me the winter mornings are always challenging. Especially if there is a breeze /wind blowing. Some days it will bite right through you, and no amount of speed or vigour seems to warm you up.

As I age, I find the aches and pains multiply, and I’ve been down the path of seeing podiatrists about orthotics, worn them for years and last year I had a toe fusion done which, by the way, was the best thing I’ve had done in years. I no longer need an orthotic in my right shoe.

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But the single biggest aid I’ve discovered has been wearing compression socks. Now we have all seen the ones the hospital will hand out, unattractive and stand out like the proverbial.

But I have discovered a company with an outlet in Australia, Compression Sock Shop, who sell the coolest compression socks for both men and women.

You can get socks in all sorts of colours, patterns and configurations of both.

Once on their mailing list, you get all sorts of bargain deals. For example, they have offered three pairs of socks for around $70 and with them has come on one occasion a travel pack with eye mask, ear plugs and inflatable neck pillow and on another occasion a travel manicure pack.

Their current special is a lady’s compression stocking, and with that you will receive a very attractive pair of gardening gloves. I have resisted the temptation to buy these.

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Single pairs can range from $21 – $23. They have socks for everyday wear and socks specially designed for travel, flight in particular.

I wear them every day now; I no longer have aching legs while I wear them, and enjoy the feeling I get from them.

Do you need to wear compression socks?