What's the most unintentionally brutal thing a child's ever said to you?

It's no secret kids have no filter. Source: Getty

Kids can say the darnedest things! In fact, they come up with so many of them, that was the title of a whole TV series in the US.

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No one is more honest than a child. Children are super curious, opinionated and unintentionally critical little humans, and the more they grow, the more curious and opinionated they become. Kids often say the first thought that comes to mind, sometimes leaving their parents in awkward situations.

Great self-esteem boosters (not), kids won’t hesitate to tell you what they think of your wardrobe or hair. And, sometimes it’s a little hurtful, but a lot of the time it’s absolutely hilarious (especially when you’re not the one they’re embarrassing!). 

What’s the most unintentionally brutal thing a child’s ever said to you?