Christmas gifts: Again I am uninspired

When I was a child I always felt a special anticipation when it came to opening gifts from my wealthy old Aunty Rae. They weren’t especially extravagant but they were inspired, books and toys to teach and develop.

I’ve never felt inspired and I think it was well put by a relative, ‘my children buy what they want when they want it’. She was lamenting that her adult children never needed anything nor were they saving for anything. The item you knew they wanted and would have made a great gift has been purchased by them, often on a credit card.

I’ve never been a great gift buyer, often left embarrassed at how utterly uninspired my gift is compared to the wonderful thoughtful gift I’ve just opened. I’ve not started on gift buying this year except to put stuff in the mail for family in Canada. Young children are easy though. It’s from the teens to 100 the difficulty begins.

Gift cards can be a waste as the recipient never gets around to using them, a debit card at least they might use even if it’s for basics, money always seems a bit of a cop out. I’m not crafty enough to make my own.

With most gifts I buy then needing to be delivered as nearly everybody is in distant cities this year, the weight of the item is a consideration. Not knowing what is available in an unfamiliar town can make buying services like a spa treatment tricky. I’ve tried thinking of something inspired and different; asking my other half is pointless and asking the dog or cat would be just as helpful.

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For those out there with inspiration please share.

Do you struggle with buying gifts for family and friends on special occasions, like Christmas? What advice do you have for Barbara?

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