This is what happened at the end of the affair

She was not the only one he had been spending time with. Photo: Pixabay

At the start it was a one-sided love affair. She was emotionally cheating with a man she had seen at a shopping centre twice in two weeks. She told herself it was ridiculous and that she was old enough to know better, but the mystery man consumed her thoughts.

She would walk the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of him or his car. She knew what she was doing was wrong. She knew she was drowning in her own relationship. She knew she had to get out. She also knew her actions were becoming very unhealthy.

The following week she saw him pull into the parking lot, all logic quickly left her. She watched his movements, she had no idea what to do because she had never felt this way about anybody before. He was by no means ‘tall, dark and handsome’, but something about him grabbed her by the heart. There was a phone number on the side of his car, she memorised it.

Two weeks passed before she worked up the courage to ring him.

She told him exactly how she felt, which she knew was a massive risk, especially considering she did not even know his name or anything about him. Yet, here she was sharing her intimate thoughts with him. To her surprise he responded very gently and positively. He told her he was married — she didn’t care — she arranged to meet him regardless. That was the moment she knew she had become a cheater.

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She was 60, he was 65. He encouraged her to break up with her long-term partner and she did. Sadly, she did not realise she was putting herself in a very vulnerable position. He stayed with his wife. She believed him when he continually said his wife would not cope if he were to walk out.

She paid her own rent, she was never a kept woman. She relished what little time she had with him. It stayed that way for years, his wife became very ill. He continually said when his wife passed they would be together, she begged him not to wish such things upon his wife. In the end he had a massive heart attack and died.

His funeral was huge and she felt proud that he was well loved by the community. She overheard conversations by beautiful, well-dressed women and she became enraged with herself and felt like a fool. It was clear she was not the only one he had been spending time with.

His wife recovered and six months after the funeral she married her carer.

Do you know a similar tale? What comments do you have on the issue of infidelity?

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