Is this $750,000 ‘ambulance bus’ really a good use of money?

It’s safe to say we all agree: more funding for our ambulance service is very worthwhile. But is this really the best use of it?

A new “ambulance bus” has come under fire from drivers, with the Ambulance Employees Association declaring it a “waste of money”.

According to The Advertiser, the union had not been consulted about the idea, which it says will be of extremely little use to our hard-working ambos.

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Association state secretary Phil Palmer called the huge 12 metre vehicle a “white elephant”, pointing out the idea had many flaws that would stop it functioning as intended.    

“When the idea first bobbed up we were told it would be used for transporting non-urgent patients between hospitals. It can’t do that because it won’t fit at EDs at places such as FMC, the RAH, the Women’s and Children’s and so on.

“Now we are being told it will be used at major events like Schoolies.

“The bottom line is it will not be used on a day-to-day basis and at $750,000 is frankly a waste of money — taxpayers are not getting bang for buck and the Government has been sold a pup by managers who are no longer with the SA Ambulance Service.

“With Treasury breathing down our necks for cuts this money would have been much better spent back filling key positions”.

Health Minister Jack Snelling has defended the purchase, standing by his assertion that it would give paramedics a life-saving advantage for car crashes and bushfires.

How do you feel about this use of resources? Can you imagine it saving more lives, or does it hinder more than help?