Here's your astrological forecast for October

What do the stars have in store for you?

“Ignorance has always been the weapon of tyrants; enlightenment the salvation of the free.” – B. Richardson

Uncovering. Digging deep. Exploring the shadows. Reflecting on hidden issues with an eye toward greater enlightenment. These are the themes for October as we illuminate life areas that have previously been lurking in the dark. This is the month to look within: to ask questions of ourselves, our feelings and behaviour, in order to better understand what really makes us tick. “Know thyself” said Socrates – and this is the time!

Self discovery and personal enlightenment starts with greater reflection of who we are, what we’re about and what we want to create in this life. Consider this: How do you define yourself? What are you here to do? What do you need to develop to get there? What is preventing you from fully realising that goal? This is the month to answer these questions, and to apply the answers to your life. But whatever you find – no matter your fears, pains or personal darkness – remember that YOU are a beautiful, brilliant and unique spirit who is meant to live an amazing life. Don’t let anything stop YOU!

October unleashes determination to uncover areas of our lives that we’d rather not deal with. It’s a time for unmasking our emotional blockages, fears, anxieties, compulsions and hangups. With a big wave of Scorpio energy flooding our personal  barricades this month, much can be broken down and brought to light. Highlighted by the major shift of Jupiter going into Scorpio, we are encouraged to dig deep, unearthing our subconscious and discovering the answers to our personal mysteries.

What can YOU expect to experience in the weeks ahead? Here’s your October, 2017 Motivational Astrology forecast:

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On the 6th of October we are urged toward courageous action with a Full Moon in Aries! This strongly charged Lunar phase, in the first of the Fire signs, illuminates our need for greater independence, liberation and positive change! We are encouraged now to push past boundaries, both inner and outer, to better discover our true dynamic selves and find greater confidence in all that we do!

Jupiter, the planet representing expansion, enters determined Scorpio on 11 October, beginning a new 13 month cycle of intensity, passion and powerful transformation. We’ll now experience greater determination to achieve our desires, heightened passion in pursuing our goals, and deeper intensity in expressing our feelings. Jupiter magnifies whatever sign it is in, and in the water sign of Scorpio, our sensitivities will be emphasized, offering us a chance to grow emotionally and intuitively. This is a time when we are being urged to focus on our similarities rather than differences in order to create a more peaceful future.

Venus moves into Libra on the 14th bringing a time to appreciate, cultivate and celebrate beauty, love and enjoyment in our lives. Relationships, affections, artistry and aphrodisiac feelings are strong now. We have luck on our side when it comes to connecting with others, manifesting new relationships and finding more beauty (and balance) in our lives! Now is the time to meet up, share and show your creative ingenuity.

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into Scorpio on the 17th. During the next 3 weeks we can get to the bottom of important issues as our investigative skills are sharper and our analytical abilities more precise. This time is advantageous for in-depth study, focused concentration or researching projects, along with using our intuitive energy to problem solve!

October’s New Moon will be in Libra on the 20th, highlighting our wants and desires! This lovely Lunar phase signals new beginnings, helping us to identify what we covet and crave! By knowing what we wish for now, we’ll have better opportunity to attract it to us!  Use this day to envision, imagine and contemplate your future – setting your intentions in motion for a blessed, beautiful and bountiful tomorrow!

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Mars moves into Libra on the 22nd representing our need to harness harmony! For the next 7 weeks the planet of activity couples with the sign representing relationships, artistry and balance. We now strive for more harmony and beauty in our lives and with each other. Greater creativity and the need to interact is enhanced, so use this time to cultivate connections and express your aesthetic visions!

Lastly, on the 23rd, the Sun goes into Scorpio! This begins a new one month cycle of determination, intensity and resourceful energy emerges. We are encouraged now to tap into our perceptive and investigative abilities, helping us to uncover and embrace greater inner fortitude, resilience and power. Use this powerful time to seek answers to the deeper questions of life in order to find transformational answers and insightful understanding. By initiating positive change now we bring immense healing and spiritual strength into our lives and into the lives of others.

Opportune October Wishes to all those at Starts at 60!

What are you looking forward to in October? 

GiGi Sosnoski is a New York City Astrologer, Motivational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Planetary Intuitive, Workshop facilitator, Writer of monthly Motivational articles and a Radio and TV contributor (TVNZ’s Good Morning show, Erin Simpson show, Fresh FM and the Breeze Radio to name a few). As a Life Enthusiast, her passion is sharing upliftment and inspiration with others using her Motivational Astrology. Encouraging people to get excited about their lives, their abilities, their relationships and their futures is what she does best! Contact GiGi to help yourself find greater awareness, confidence and further understanding of your true potential as seen in your unique Astrology chart! Motivational Astrology Readings by Phone, Skype or at GiGi’s Keep Looking Up offices: 09 950-6760 (Auckland) 425-629-7346 (U.S.A.)