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Denise Drysdale is a TV legend – she’s been on our screens for over 50 years. But now, the 65-year-old has had an interesting announcement off-screen: she’s announced she is selling up her house in Victoria and moving north!

This isn’t your average selling up story…Denise plans to live in her car until she finds somewhere suitable. There’s no need to be worried though, Denise isn’t going to be homeless out of necessity, she actually wants to try roughing it. She assures everyone she has quite a bit of money but simply wants to see what freedom really is all about.

The entertainer seems like she’s gone mad but it actually makes sense what she’s doing: she’s having a ‘life sale’. Denise wants to free herself from her possessions and live life without being tied down…and we say good on her!

Denise is having her ‘life sale’ at the Neerim South Community Hall in west Gippsland this weekend and savvy shoppers will be able to pick up a bargain. Over her 50 years of show business, she has accumulated quite a lot of stuff: paintings, memorabilia, shoes and clothes, and they’re all priced to sell!

“You don’t need much really, you know. We bog ourselves down in this stuff”, Denise told SMH. She will only be taking two sets of sheets, four sets of underwear, and two pairs of flannelette pyjamas, two pairs of light pyjamas with her.

“I am going to be a refugee in my own country, I don’t know where I am going”, she said. She wanted the lifestyle of a nomad while she can, so tonight we want to know: are you being held back by your possessions and ‘things’ like Denise was? If you could give it all away, where would you go? 

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  1. sounds good Denise, Hang on, I’m coming with you. I just live down the road from you at Longwarry North. Pick me up on your way past. Seriously though, I love her idea and think it is great that she can do it while she still can. Good Luck Denise, Happy and Safe travels.

  2. It’s a lot easier to be “free” and unfettered when you have money in the bank.

  3. Dear Denise and her flannel pjs. Often came into shop in her pjs. Love her. Good luck on her journey

  4. We did it when my husband retired, we sold up bought an off road Bushtracker caravan, that is fully self sufficient and hit the road, that was 14 years ago on 8th December 2000, We love the life style, and the housework it is brilliant, we really do not need all the trappings we have in a house Ron and I have all we need even the tinnie on the roof rack and we have pulled in great fish, crabs, crays, squid etc, no rates, no power bills, no nasty neighbours if you don’t like your neighbours you just move on, we have seen a lot of this Country and as out children live on both sides east and west, we can visit when we like, we keep in touch with face book, e-mails and skype so in reality we see or hear from them more now than we ever did, not the slightest bit sorry, we tend to stay as long as we like in an area as there is no rush as you see many doing the lap in one day and gone the next what a hassle that would be. take your time and enjoy what we have left of your lives

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