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What unusual dishes were popular when you were younger?

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Do you remember some of these classic foods.

Liver and kidney for breakfast? Sweetbreads and brains? Prawn cocktails and pickled onions?

They may sound strange now but they were all once extremely popular food items in Australia. Like our clothing, food also goes in and out of fashion as the year’s progress. Today we might see a few variations of our once loved food but nothing can really compare to trying those foods for the first time.

Pineapple was an extremely popular choice for a number of classic dishes including pineapple fritters and pineapple upside down cake—most kids today would never have even heard of these!

We lived in a time where frugal living was the norm and every part of an animal or vegetable was used in some capacity. So using chicken livers, oxtail and kidney were not as taboo on the common dinner table as they are today. You occasionally see high-end restaurants put a modern spin on these and charge us an arm and a leg for what was once known as the cheap cuts of meat.

What are some of the strange thing that were eaten when you were young?  Let us know in the comment section below.