Susan Sarandon turns heads in revealing dress at Cannes

Headshot of Susan Sarandon on red carpet wearing sunglasses
Susan is looking as cool as ever on the Cannes red carpet. Image: YouTube/AFP news agency

At 70, Susan Sarandon is showing no signs of slowing down or dressing down for that matter, as she turns heads on the 2017 Cannes Film Festival red carpet in a glamorous low-cut and revealing dark green velvet dress.

With her hair looking effortlessly glam as always, and her makeup look understated, Sarandon added a touch of bling to her red carpet look with a pair of diamond and sapphire drop earrings.

Completing the outfit with sunglasses, making her look nonchalant and as cool as ever, Sarandon held her own in her figure-hugging dress with it’s off-the-shoulder sleeves and daring slit and, dare we say, even outshone the beautiful young models she rubbed shoulders with at the notoriously glam event.

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Sarandon’s dress wasn’t the only one with a high slit on the red carpet, but fortunately she didn’t run into the same trouble model Bella Hadid did, as as the hip-high slit in her beautiful dress caused her to flash her knickers to the surrounding photographers in an embarrassing fashion faux-pas!

Sarandon was joined on the red carpet by acclaimed actress and fellow redhead Julianne Moore, who looked as ageless as ever at 56 in an elegant red, lacy dress, which suited her fair complexion so well. 

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