Peta Credlin leaps to Tony Abbott's defence with motherly excuse

Tony Abbott
The former prime minister was ousted in 2015.

According to Peta Credlin, former prime minister Tony Abbott’s recent comments have been nothing but a “cordial” attempt to create unity within the Liberal party.

As Abbott’s former chief of staff, Credlin may have insight into the politician’s way of thinking.

“I am of the view that Tony Abbott actually doesn’t want the job of prime minister,” Credlin says during the Paul Murray Live segment on Sky News. 

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Being crowded out of the headlines by Chris Pyne’s comments about gay marriage can’t take the sting out of Tony Abbott’s words from earlier this week.

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After criticising the current government for trying to win an election by “drawing closer to Labor”, Abbott presented his own ideas for the future of the country.  

“We need to make Australia work again – because our country, plainly, is not working as it should. We are letting ourselves down. We are not what we should be; and we know it.”

During her appearance on Paul Murray Live, Credlin refers to Abbott as a career politician, but quickly qualifies the statement, saying he is a “career activist” and “career conservative”.

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According to Credlin, despite numerous job offers being “thrown at him”, Abbott remains staunchly interested in his current position, particularly continuing to improve the Liberal party’s tenuous grasp on leadership.

“He is someone who could’ve done, as a Rhodes scholar, many things with his life, but he chose public life. He feels it very deeply. It’s vocational for him,” Credlin says.

She also states that, as a backbencher and former prime minister, Abbott has a right to raise these issues.

“I think he’s doing it in a very cordial way,” Credlin says.

“The rules clearly state if you can no longer support your prime minister or leader in cabinet, you resign.”

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During his speech on Monday, Abbott confirmed he is “in no hurry” to resign from the party.

“We need strong liberal conservative voices now more than ever.”

Do you think Peta Credlin is right, or is this just an attempt to placate the LNP?