Hilarious tombstones show death's a laughing matter for some

Spike Milligan's grave in England's Winchelsea is probably the most famously funny one. Source: Wiki Commons

Late British comedian Spike Milligan probably has the most famously humorous tombstone, having had the words ‘I told you I was ill’ written in Gaelic on the marble that marks his grave site.

US comedian and actor Mel Blancs gave him a run for his money by having his own gravestone read: “That’s all folks”, which was very fitting for the man who voiced Bugs Bunny for Disney. And US TV host Merv Griffin’s says “I will NOT be right back after this message”.

Billy Wilder, a well-known filmmaker and journalist, lies under the epitaph, “I’m a writer, but then, nobody’s perfect”.

But plenty of non-comic geniuses have proved just as good at this game, as a large collection of jokey gravestones put together by Bored Panda shows. We’ve brought you some of the best ones below.

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“Raise four beautiful daughters with only one bathroom and still there was love”, one clearly beloved father had inscribed on his tombstone.

“Damn it’s dark down here,” says another, while one woman called Janet reads, “If you can read this, you’re standing on my boobs”.

Lola S. Holt opted for “Oh well, whatever”, and someone else, who was equally unimpressed, has an epitaph that says, “Well, this sucks”.

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Some people have no time for fools, even after they’re no longer around to be annoyed by them. 

The tombstone of Robert Clay Allison says, “He never killed a man that did not need killing”, while Joseph O. Stock went for a succinct, “Don’t talk to damn dumb”.

“I see dumb people,” on the gravestone of a man called Micah G. Green is a reference to the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense about a boy who communicates with spirits (for anyone who hasn’t seen it, one of his key lines is “I see dead people”).

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There are a couple that give entire recipes for family favourites such as fudge and cookies.

But others evoked a less happy family life, such as the one for Herman Harband, which reads, “My wife Eleanor Arthur of Queens N.N. lived like a princess for 20 years traveling the world with the best of everythig. When I went blind she tried to poison me, took all my money, all my medication and left me in the dark, alone and scared. It’s a miracle I escaped. I won’t see her in heaven because she’s surely going to hell”.

Possibly the finest one, though, has to be that of George Spencer, if only for the way he apparently passed away.

“Lost life by stab in falling on ink eraser evading six young women trying to give him birthday kisses in office Metropolitan Life business,” the 24-year-old’s 1909 gravestone says.

What would you want on your epitaph?