Father’s morbid plans for entire family when they die

Have you made arrangements for when you die?

A lot of people think about death and what will happen to them when they die, but an American father has gone to new extremes.

Dennis Kowalski has signed his entire family up to be cryogenically frozen when they die.

While most people opt for a burial or to be cremated, Kowalski said that he wanted his family to be preserved so they have a “second chance at life” in the future.

The paramedic, who is 49, said he first had the idea when he was a teenager.

“That was 20 years ago now,” he told Yahoo News.

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“Now my wife and three teenage sons are also signed up.”

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He acknowledged that there may not be hope for an extended life in the future, but wanted to be frozen just in case.

“We all understand that nothing is guaranteed but the future is unknown, things that were impossible in the past are possible now,” he said.

“We think of it as donating our bodies to science. If it works then we have helped science and advanced life.”

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Kowalski currently works at the Cryonics Institute, where bodies are preserved when a person died.

The institute does this by keeping the body at a low temperature after death, with hopes that future technology and science advances could bring the body back to life at some stage.

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The bodies are placed in special storage containers where they will remain until the time is right.

Kowalski described the process as “buying time”.

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“Essentially, we are buying time until technology catches up and is able to fully repair and restore the human body.”

If you’re looking to follow suit, it won’t be cheap.

Reports suggest the process costs $36,000.

At present, some 160 people, 100 pets and a further 1000 tissue samples have been frozen at the headquarters.

While some people may claim it goes against ethics and morals, Kowalski claims that the company does everything by the books.

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“It is donating your body to science. We always obey the law of the land we are in. People do say they may not like it – but normally they don’t full understand it.

“I understand that it isn’t for everyone. But people may have said organ transplants were playing god. Now that is accepted and seen as a good thing.”

What do you think? Would you ever consider freezing your body?