Kate Langbroek demands answers after violent home attack

The radio star has since tweeted to Labor MP Martin Foley. Source: Getty

Radio star Kate Langbroek has called on Victorian Housing Minister Labor MP Martin Foley to clean up her local suburb following an attempted home invasion that left her bruised and battered.  

The comedian revealed to listeners on her radio program, the Hughsey and Kate show, that a man attempted to carjack her babysitter last night outside her St Kilda home. 

Langbroek explained that her babysitter was walking back to her car at about 10pm at night when a man tried to jump in her car. The babysitter ran back to Langbroek’s house, but was followed by the man, who appeared “deranged” and tried to enter the house. 

“Next minute, ‘thump’, he tries to kick the door in,” Langbroek said on air on Tuesday.

She said about 12 police soon arrived at her home and took the man away. According to the Herald Sun the man has been charged

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Langbroek has now called on the Victorian government to clean up the gentrified area, which has a long history of crime. The radio host has since tweeted to Foley urging him to “stop the degradation of St Kilda hill”.

Langbroek wrote: “Following a crazed, violent, terrifying attack on our family home on Friday night, I would like to speak with @MartineFoleyMPabout his plans to stop the degradation of St Kilda hill. Thank you.”

She later uploaded an image of her bruise with the caption: “Thanks for your call yesterday. This is the bruise I sustained trying to keep that “vulnerable” resident from kicking our front door in on Friday night. Children inside. The real vulnerable are the decent citizens of St Kilda. We await your action.”

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“People who are living good, decent lives are having those lives compromised by people who have chosen to do the opposite,” she said.

“And the people we have elected to solve the problems are not solving the problems.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Foley said an additional 13 police will be stationed in the Port Phillip region from this week. 

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Starts at 60 has contacted Foley for comment. 

What do you think? Should the Victorian government take action?

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