Target recalls common kitchen item amid fears it could explode
By Starts at 60 WritersIn NewsOn Tuesday 15th Aug, 2017

Target recalls common kitchen item amid fears it could explode

The retail giant has quickly recalled its own toaster amid fears it could explode.

Target is scrambling to recall a potentially life-threatening toaster amid fears an internal component failure could cause a fire or an electric shock to avid toast-eaters. 

The hazardous toaster retailed for $35 between May and July of this year at Target and Target Country stores Australia-wide. 

“Target 4 Slice Toaster TART1704” was identified by the retail giant as a fire-prone appliance, prompting it to frantically recall the potentially deadly toaster. 

While no one likes burnt toast, Target Australia is now urging customers who own the possibly life-threatening toaster to stop toasting immediately and return it for a full refund. 

If you have purchased a toaster from Target recently, you can check for the model number on a silver sticker on the bottom of the appliance which will read: Target 4 Slice Toaster TART1704, keycode 60024374.

Pic source: Target

Do you eat a lot of toast? 

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