Supermarket giants slammed for 'nauseating' early Christmas stock

It's only September, but when you go grocery shopping you'd be forgiven for thinking it's December.

Spring has barely even had a chance to push a few early blooms out of the earth, but if you head to either of our major supermarkets, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve skipped the season completely and moved into summer. 

Coles and Woolworths have been slammed for “gross commercialism” as they’ve started putting out their Christmas stock already. Yes, it’s the first week of September, almost four months out from Christmas, and yet you can buy baubles for your tree, plum puddings, and fruit mince pies already.

David Jones stores have also begun installing their annual Christmas displays, while customers are horrified by the too-early festivities. 

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But apparently some stores had their Christmas stuff out even earlier:

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One man told Seven News that he thought the commercialisation was “nauseating”.

The Coles social media team responded to one complaint via Twitter, stating that they are catering to customer demands. 

“Thanks for getting in touch, Carmel,” they wrote. 

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“Our customers have informed us they’d prefer to be able to see the availability of Christmas stock earlier in stores to assist with the planning of the festive season and have the option to spread out the costs wherever possible.”

And this looks like the case, as not everyone is upset about seeing Christmas stock in September: 

We could hazard a guess that Jess isn’t the one to plan and organise Christmas in her household!

What do you think, is September too early to have the Christmas stock on the shelves?