Here we go again. Easter eggs are already on the shelves

Easter eggs
Easter eggs are lining the shelves in the UK. Image: Twitter/PhillW64

Ahh Christmas. It’s a time of reflection and celebration; a time to slow down and think about what really matters in this mad world.

Well not if you’re the British supermarkets. UK shoppers were left fuming after wandering into chain store Co-op to find dozens of Easter egg lining the shelves ready the next Christian holiday.

Never mind that the world is still recovering from celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the supermarkets are ready to capitalise on his death!

Dozens of people took to Twitter to share their disbelief at the chocolatey goods on display. 

“We have not even had Christmas Day but the co-op are selling Easter eggs madness,” wrote one man.

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“Really? REALLY? It’s December, and there are already Easter eggs on the shelves. Really??!” tweeted another.

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It’s the same conundrum that rears its head every year in the days and weeks after Christmas. How soon is too soon for supermarkets to start hauling out the chocolate eggs?

While most at least have the curtesy to take down their Chrissy decorations first, it seems even that last bastion of respect has been dumped for the opportunity to make a few dollars.

Co-op, meanwhile, has stayed quiet on the matter and will no doubt be joined by plenty of other supermarkets around the world soon.

When do you think is the earliest Easter eggs should go on sale? Have you seen any at your local supermarket yet?