Australia's heatwave could turn deadly: Here's what you need to know

The mercury could be rising alarmingly high in your area.

It may only be one month into spring, but parts of Eastern Australia are braced for record-breaking temperatures that would put the peak of summer to shame.

The Queensland town of Birdsville broke Queensland’s September record with a 42.5-degree day on September 27, and outback New South Wales isn’t too far behind. 

Over the last weekend, Wilcannia in New South Wales reached 40.5 degrees Celsius, breaking the previous state heat record for the month of September. In the blink of an eye, that record was set to be beaten with predictions of a 41-degree day in Bourke on September 27, and the possibility of towns in northern New South Wales to soar to 42 degrees. 

There will, however, be a welcome change to follow. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Bourke may drop back down to a far more reasonable high of 28 degrees on Thursday, which will surely feel like the dead of winter in comparison. 

Queensland’s capital city of Brisbane will reportedly reach 36 degrees Celsius on Thursday, and western areas will likely be even more unbearably hot, with temperatures closer to 40 degrees forecast. 

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Temperatures are tipped to drop over the weekend with some cloudy weather, even if rain may not be on the horizon until October 2. 

We may love mocking other countries that consider anything above 26 degrees to be a heatwave, but that doesn’t mean we’re impervious to the effects of a true Aussie weather phenomenon. Even if you’re waiting out the heat in relative comfort thanks to your air-conditioning and tall glass of water, make sure you check in on any elderly neighbours who may not be coping as well. Pets may also need extra water and some assured shade in the yard to ensure they’re able to cope with the sweltering temperatures.

You may not feel the effects as much as other people, but don’t be fooled into thinking you can get away with spending too much time outdoors; even activities such as gardening, which may not seems strenuous, could result in a nasty case of heat stroke. 

How will you be keeping cool during the heatwave?