Have a laugh with one of Jerry Lewis' most iconic scenes

jerry lewis and dean martin
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin were the most famous comedy act of the 1950s.

Tributes have been flowing following the sad death of comedian Jerry Lewis, who died from natural causes on Monday aged 91.

While his fellow comedians and celebrities, such as Jim Carey and Robert De Niro, have been praising him for inspiring their careers, fans have taken to social media to share some of their favourite memories of the slapstick comedy icon.

Lewis rocketed to fame in the 1950s with comedic partner Dean Martin. While the duo later had a falling out, they made 16 movies and dozens of laugh-out-loud skits before parting ways.

One of their most beloved films was Sailor Beware (1952), which bore the legendary boxing scene between Lewis and his much more skilled opponent.

The scene is classic Lewis, with the kind of gift for physical comedy that would go on to inspire generations of comedians and actors.

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With Martin in his corner, he straps on his boxing gloves and runs circles around his opponent before finally making his move.

The film received mixed reviews when it was first released, with the New York Times writing a rather scathing appraisal of the duo’s efforts.

“Martin and Lewis are genial boys, and some of their knockabout clowning is in the classic tradition of good buffoons,” the paper wrote in 1952.

However, it quickly became a fan favourite and is now considered one of Lewis and Martin’s best projects.

Take a look at the legendary boxing scene and tell us if it gave you a laugh!

Are you a fan of Jerry Lewis? Do you remember watching him and Dean Martin together when you were young?