Billy Joel joins Paul McCartney live on stage for Beatles tribute

Audiences couldn't get enough of the dynamic duo. Image: Twitter: Paul McCartney

After nearly 18 months, Paul McCartney’s One on One tour is about to come to a close, but he’s not done thrilling his fans. His second-last concert on September 26  took things to a whole new level with a special guest appearance from the Piano Man himself, Billy Joel. 

Performing at New York’s Nassau Veterans Museum Coliseum, McCartney welcomed Joel to the stage with a place at the psychedelic piano and fans went wild. They kicked things off with “Get Back” from Let it Be as fans lunged for their phones and cameras to record the incredible collaboration.

They teased fans with an encore that featured a bluesy piano solo from Joel, and the final notes had the crowd going wild. 

Fans weren’t sure how long Joel’s presence at the concert would last, but he cheekily offered a second number. 

McCartney asked the crowd if anyone was celebrating a birthday that day, alluding to a song from The White Album. Though the cheers may have indicated that everyone in the crowd was celebrating a birthday that night, McCartney decided to dedicate the song to “Anybody who’s got a birthday – and also anybody who’s got a birthday any time this year.”  

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It’s not the first time the two have collaborated in front of an enormous crowd; back in 2008, McCartney joined Joel on stage for his Shea Stadium concerts, which were filmed and later released on CD and DVD in 2011.

Surprisingly, neither occasion involved McCartney singing any of Joel’s many hits, Both times, they’ve exclusively performed numbers by the Beatles, which have left audiences begging for more.

After the show finished, McCartney took to social media to post photos of the event. His Twitter post was kept simple with the caption “Rockin’ with the Magic Piano Man”. 

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You can watch videos of the “Get Back” and “Birthday” performances below.

What do you think of the collaboration?