Bette Midler pauses Trump tweets to share sweet family photo

The actress posted the photo with no explanation.

In a family of performers, you’re bound to have a couple of quirky moments lurking in the photo album. Bette Midler shared a snap of herself, husband Martin von Haselberg and infant daughter Sophie in a flashback to the ’80s.   

It’s not clear what the inspiration for the photo was, but Midler is laughing uproariously as von Haselberg sports an expression perfect for his part in The Kipper Kids.

Sophie, wearing a lacy bonnet, appears to be tucked into her father’s oversized trousers in lieu of a baby carrier.

Midler is wearing a knee-length black ensemble, her curly hair either catching a breeze or simply worked into a perpetual “windswept” look with a glorious ’80s perm.



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The sepia-toned photograph was taken with a background of stacked car tyres and posted to Instagram with no context. Midler simply captioned the image “#TBT”, which often stands for “throwback to” or “throwback Thursday”.

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Fans began praising the photo in droves, with more than 22,000 likes already accumulated and nearly 200 comments, many asking for more photos like this one.

“One of the best family portraits!” one person wrote.

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“80s Bette is my fave … oh who am I kidding. I love every era,” [sic] another commented.

While Midler is quite active on social media, she usually reserves it as a promotional space or a way to poke fun at the administration of US president Donald Trump, so this sweet family moment came as a nice surprise for fans.

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The softer side of the actress, singer and political activist wasn’t to be prolonged, though; within a day, she was back to calling out Trump on Twitter.

“If there is a crisis, like 9/11 or the 2008 meltdown, we as a nation, will not survive under this administration,” she tweeted. “We have no leader!”

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Do you have any strange family photos hiding in your collection?