Pauline Hanson's devilish plan to catch out scammers

Pauline Hanson
Pauline Hanson talking about her plan to stop scammers. Image: YouTube/Pauline Hanson's Please Explain.

Outspoken Senator Pauline Hanson has had many tough topics on her agenda, even controversial ones, but this one is something most will be grateful for.

She’s got scammers in her sights, and has urged the government to allow easier identification of potential overseas scammers, requesting a change in legislation via a letter to Communications Minister Mitch Fifield.

Overseas scams have cost Aussies about $57.5 million, according to Hanson, but they’s also put fear into people’s lives, as these dodgy callers pretend to be tech assistance, police officers or the Australian Tax Office, just to name a few.

Current laws allow foreigners to use technology, Voice Over Internet Protocol, to purchase an Australian number so it appears that is is a domestic call when they call you. In a press release, the senator said overseas scammers can purchase these numbers without providing proof or identity, or even a reason for the purchase.

“Australia is seen as a soft touch by scammers and the total cost associated with lost productivity and people’s confidence by those affected is only set to worse,” Senator Hanson wrote in the release.

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She’s proposed that any non-registered VOIP callers, or virtual numbers be assigned with a special prefix number instead. The number she suggested was 666. 

“It’s basically saying, be warned, this could be the Devil calling,” Senator Hanson, while appearing on A Current Affair. “You know what, to me they are the Devil.”

She also said there could be a recording prior to the call being connected, warning the receiver of the call to be careful.

“I think they’re scum, I think they’re lowlifes, and they’re preying on the vulnerable,” Senator Hanson said.

Have you ever received  a call you suspect was a scam?

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