That's a lotto reasons for this farmer to celebrate

One farmer is $15m richer are winning the lotto.

How often do you buy a lotto ticket?

When you do, do you ever really think you could win the big one?

A North Queensland farmer got a life changing call today after his number came up in Tuesday’s Oz Lotto jackpot.

Scoring an unimaginable $15 million the Mareeba man said he had heard there was a winner from his area but never ever dreamed it was him.

“Are you serious? Jesus! I’m shocked actually, I just can’t believe it. I never thought this would happen to me,” he said to Golden Casket when to took the call.

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He now is working out what he can spend some of that money on, indicating he would probably buy his family a house and maybe take them on a holiday, but also buy his dream car.

“I really get into my cars too, so now I can buy the ute I always dreamt of.”

The farmer, who is in his 50’s, is not yet ready to retire though, he told Tatts Group.

“I’m a hard worker so I won’t retire because you got to keep doing something otherwise you go mad,” he said.

Dream big now. What would you do with $15 million dollars?

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