Pack your bags, flights are about to get cheaper

If you’ve been dreaming of a holiday, the news that prices to 116 destinations across the globe are to be

If you’ve been dreaming of a holiday, the news that prices to 116 destinations across the globe are to be slashed by up to 30 per cent might just be the incentive you needed to get planning.

A landmark deal has been struck with budget airlines from across the world, which will see dramatic decreases in the cost of ticket prices to a wide range of destinations.

Participating in what is aptly being called the ‘Value Alliance’ is Tigerair (Australia and Singapore), Scoot (Australia and Thailand), Cebu Pacific (the Philippines), Jeju Air (South Korea) and Vanilla Air (Japan). That’s eight of the budget carriers servicing Asia and the Pacific.

You might want to go and dust that suitcase off if it’s been a while since your last adventure.

While these airlines have teamed to create the world’s largest low-cost airline alliance they will still operate as distinctly individual businesses. However, flights, promotions and add-ons will be available on each other’s sites, which means that if you go to Tigerair to book a holiday away to Bangkok you’ll also have access to the flight options from those eight airlines.

You’ll have streamlined transactions so you could book a leg of your trip using Tigerair, and use Scoot for another part of the journey, and then fly home on another airline… If you so choose.

According to Tigerair CEO Robert Sharp, “It takes the pain out of [booking], picks up the best fare and presents it on one screen.”

You’ll even be able to sync your itineraries through the different carriers and access all their deals in the one transaction. Surely that’s got to be a win-win for any traveller?

As with most things ‘cost-related’ you can expect a price war between the airlines, including Jetstar and Air Asia. Industry analysts told theĀ Sydney Morning Herald that you can expect prices to be slashed by up to one third.

Would lower prices encourage you to travel more? When was the last time you enjoyed a holiday?

  1. I’ve never travelled with them, but have only heard bad things about Tiger. Does anybody have info about them?

    • Jeanie  

      I have used them several times in OZ, never had a prob.

  2. Vannus  

    It always concerns me when these types of Airlines ‘slash airfare costs’.
    To do that, they’ve got to be slashing costs in other areas’ of their business.

    Does that mean the mechanicing of aircraft is lessened? After all, THAT’s what keeps an aircraft in the air!

    One’s only got to watch ‘Aircraft Investigations’ tv programme to realise how the ‘little things’ can lead to an inflight catastrophe.

    Really rather scary, when it’s looked at in that way.

    • Jeanie  

      I have flown Air Asia. No frills. Buy your own food.They park out from the terminus….save on parking fees. You often have some distance to walk…great in the rain etc. They fly from secondary airports…eg Gold Coast, Cheaper….I had no problems, just know what to expect. You pay for what you get. Always remember that anything can be made to sound bad with media sound bites. Does not make it true.

  3. Shirley McDonald  

    Have flown between Brisbane & Melbourne with Tiger several times & have never had a problem. Worst part is the walk from the terminal to the plane inMelbourne.

    • Vannus  

      Well, Shirley, having to walk across the Tarmac, is just one of the ‘no frills’ aspects of this type of airline.

      I’ll stay on flying with QANTAS, for many reasons’, including aerobridge access to aircraft, & has recently been named ‘Safest Airline’.

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