Money at 60: The investment option that is a “con on pensioners” 3



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Welcome to Money at 60, a new show where the finance experts of Australia give real tips and show you the best ways to invest, save and spend your hard earned dollar.

This week Noel Whittaker joins Rebecca Wilson to speak about the pros and cons of superannuation and the other options you have for investing your money later in life.

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  1. I worked until nearly 67 and was not allowed to access Super until I retired. Have rules changed since 2009?

  2. The opening remarks are a bit misleading, you can access all your super when reaching a certain age and ceasing work or retiring. If you are still working at age 65 you can then access super and continue to work full time if you wish.

    You can access some of your super while still working via a transition to retirement pension, however you can only access a maximum of 10% of your balance each year until you retire.

  3. Rebecca and Noel, thank you for this session. There is so much information, I need to keep going over it, picking up more each time. Eric’s comment just confirms for me how complex this area is. I look forward to the next sessions.

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