‘I’m speechless’: Man accidentally buys two winning tickets in $70M Lotto draw

A man won big in the Lotto draw. Source: The Lott.

A man has described his shock after winning twice over in one of the biggest lotto draws this year – by accidentally buying two identically marked tickets.

The Victorian, who is described by Oz Lotto as a “hard working man from St Albans”, bought two of the three winning Division One tickets in the $70million Oz Lotto Jackpot – walking away with $46.6million, while the remainder went to a player from Hobart.

Completely unaware of his lucky blunder, the man didn’t initially pick up his phone when an official from the Lott called him with the good news, before eventually answering and sharing his complete shock at the outcome.

“You’re kidding!” he apparently said, according to The Lott. “Am I seeing things? I just checked my entry online and I think I know what you’re about to tell me.

“I’m speechless. I can’t believe it. I just finished work for the night.”

The man initially celebrated winning $23,3million with one ticket, before realising he’d actually purchased a second entry of exactly the same numbers, therefore winning division one twice.

“I play every week. I have always marked my entries but I have never chosen the numbers on anything in particular. They weren’t special before, but they are now,” he added.

“I need time for the news to register… I might think about retiring. First maybe a new home or a holiday. I’ll definitely share it with my family.”

Meanwhile, Lott spokesman Matt Hart explained that the mistake was made completely by chance, adding: “He purchased an entry, he had the same marked numbers he uses all the time, but in a bit of confusion, he ended up buying the same marked entry twice.”

According to the Mail Online, Hart added that the man now has the option to give up work completely and enjoy retirement, adding: “He’s certainly a hard-working man that’s worked very much for all his life and his family. Perhaps it’s time for a well-earned rest there. Certainly a new house, a family holiday is on the horizon for that winner as well.”

It comes after a Sydney mother revealed her shock in January after winning a record-breaking Powerball jackpot, totalling an incredible $107 million.

The woman in her 40s, who wished to remain anonymous, was “hysterical” on the phone as a Lott official broke the news that she had won the biggest ever individual prize in Australian lottery history.

But despite the windfall, she insisted she has no plans to quit her job and hoped to celebrate with “a cheap glass of chardonnay”.

The woman admitted on the phone to the official that she initially thought she had won $107,000, but when she realised it was in fact millions, she struggled to contain her astonishment.

“I don’t understand what is going on!” she said, according to the Lott’s official statement. “I’ve had such a tumultuous day, so I don’t know where I am and what I am doing!

“I don’t understand – is this actually real? I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! Is this a trick?”

Revealing how she had mistakenly assumed she won thousands, the woman then added: “Wait – are you telling me I’ve won $107 million!? Oh my god! That is just so much money!”

When asked how she planned to spend her millions, the devoted mum said her family would come first in all of her plans, while she’ll also give some money to her favourite charity and perhaps even “buy a caravan and travel around too”.

While she would now have the option to quit work all together, she insisted that’s not a possibility and added: “I’m a healthcare professional but I won’t be retiring! I’m so passionate about my job. It will drive me to do more health work for causes important to me.”

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