Who is the worst at driving while on the phone?

According to police, older drivers are the worst offenders for texting while driving.

Do you get frustrated when you see someone texting while driving or talking on the phone behind the wheel?

A lot of us would point the blame at younger drivers, the generation who are obsessed with their phones.

But police suggest that might not be the case.

One police officer has told the ABC he books more older people texting behind the wheel than he does P-plater drivers.

That’s right, more of us on our open licences are using our phones behind the wheel than teens!

The ABC reports on police statistics from New South Wales, which reveal that last year 38,000 drivers on their open licences were fined for mobile phone use compared to just 900 P-platers.

New South Wales police Inspector Phillip Brooks said ‘older drivers’, basically anyone over the age of 20, are the worst offenders.

“We know with younger drivers, they’re well aware that if they do [use their mobile phone while driving] they’ll lose their licence by the side of the road,” he told the ABC.

If you’re one of those people texting or talking on the phone while driving, statistics show that you’re 23 times more likely to have a crash!

While fines for using a phone behind the wheel vary from state to state, in New South Wales, the fine is $325 or $433 if you’re busted in a school zone.

What do you think? Do you think older drivers are worse than younger drivers for using phones?

Is this one of your pet driving hates?

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