Vax on, vax off? What are the incentives?

Insurance agency, AAMI, is running a new television campaign featuring the infamous AAMI couple Rhonda and Ketut, and their new baby. Source: Youtube

Australian businesses have released special campaigns and deals for those vaccinated against Covid-19, offering rewards and big discounts in a bid to budge those in the community who have their jab.

In early September, the Federal Government announced that they would not be incentivising innoculation, in response to calls by the Opposition to pay Aussies to get vaxxed.

At the time, Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared the idea an “insult to Australians”, and thoroughly slammed Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese for suggesting the idea.

Morrison did, however, suggest that a vaccine lottery through Tabcorp could be a better alternative for encouraging Australians to get themselves vaccinated.

The Queensland Government, however, has not taken such a stance, recently announcing that they will be giving away thousands of tickets of the NRL finals as incentives for those getting vaccinated at the Boondall and soon-to-open Pinkenba walk-in vaccination hubs, as well as four other vaccination hubs which are opening to walk-ins in the next fortnight.

Since then, many big businesses have taken it upon themselves to encourage Aussies to roll up their sleeves for the vaccination roll-out, as double vaccination rates slowly creep towards National Cabinet’s agreed 80 per cent target.

National telco Telstra announced a gift of 2,500 Telstra Plus points for all Telstra Plus members who are fully vaccinated, in addition to an entry to its raffle. There will be 20 prizes offered in this raffle which will consist of five million Telstra Plus points, and up to $3,500 in credit on Telstra bills. Telstra is also offering special benefits to staff who get vaccinated.

Insurance agency, AAMI, is running a new television campaign featuring the infamous AAMI couple Rhonda and Ketut, and their new baby. In the clip, Rhonda and Ketut encourage Aussies to “Vax-up”. Another AAMI advertisement signals that they now offer free roadside assistance to all first responders, hospital staff and covid-19 healthcare workers, whether they are AAMI customers or not, until 2022.

Meanwhile airlines Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Airlines have announced incentive programs for Frequent Flyers, with competitions and rewards for those who are vaccinated. Many in the tourism industry welcome the incentives, with Travel at 60’s Chief Commercial Officer Wendy Harch stating:

“It’s a positive thing for the tourism industry to have the big players supporting the industry in such a way. The reality is without us reaching 70 or 80% community vax rates, the border closures and lockdowns won’t end. If our industry is going to survive, we desperately need borders to be open – so I am all for supporting anything that helps us reach that goal!”

Additionally, rideshare companies DiDi, Uber and Cabcharge are running free or discounted trips for people on their way to or from vaccination appointments.

Some local pubs and hotels are also offering free beer or wine for those who can prove they are double vaxxed.

A business in the US has run a clever advertisement which simply says “Don’t get vaccinated”. Hilariously, it appears anti-vax upon first inspection, but when taking a deeper look, it becomes clear that the advertisement is run by a funeral home.


As more big businesses release bulk bargains for vaccinated Aussies, we’ll update this story.


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Will you be claiming any of these incentives?

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