Sydney woman living alone shares neighbour’s kind lockdown letter

Jul 05, 2021
A Sydney woman has shared the heartwarming note she received from a neighbour. Source: Getty

The past week has been pretty chaotic for Australians, with nearly half of the population under strict stay-at-home orders. While some states and territories have now lifted their restrictions, others are still in lockdown for another week.

That’s the case for Sharon Snir, who lives alone in Willoughby in Sydney’s north. The city is currently in a two-week lockdown period, and now has more than 200 local cases. However, Sharon’s week was recently made a little bit brighter after she received a heartwarming note from a neighbour.

The woman, who was touched by the kind gesture, shared the contents of the note to the community Facebook page Willoughby Living, writing: “I received this letter in my letter box a few days ago. Having been unwell for a week and living alone it was the sweetest gesture I could have received. What a beautiful person she is. She has just taken my dog for a walk and I’m feeling deeply thankful for my wonderful community.”

The note, penned by a fellow Willoughby resident named Millie, encouraged the woman to reach out if she needed supplies or support during the lockdown period. It read: “Hey! I hope you and your family are well and safe. With another lockdown being announced, I just wanted to check in — I know how important staying connected to people are in times like these. I live just around the corner from you … during the lockdown it can be really difficult for some people to get out of our house, especially our older generation. I’d love to be of help, so if you or someone close to you needs any help with getting groceries or shopping or anything else that involves leaving the house, I’d love to help.”

The note the woman received from her neighbour. Source: Willoughby Living/Facebook

The post received a flurry of comments from fellow community members, who were equally touched by the gesture. One wrote, “I also live alone and my neighbours check on me daily. Amazing community.”

Another added: “Beautiful. Made me teary. Community is so important.” While a third wrote: “Well that’s just beautiful! Good on you Millie. We are lucky to have people like you in the neighbourhood. Thank you Sharon for sharing.”

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What do you think of this note? Have you seen something similar in your neighbourhood?

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